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Breeding Cocoa pisces

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Breeding Chocolate Fish

Cocoa pisces (deliscioso)

I recently managed to acquire a trio of Chocolate fish to try breeding with,

A melanistic male, a normal female and an albino female.

chocolate fish trio.JPG


Breeding Tank parameters.

Minimum size 100 litres

Temperature under 18 centigrade otherwise they get soft and lethargic.

PH neutral to soft.

I used chocolate sprinkles as substrate and fed them Cadbury Flake food to condition them for breeding.

These fish usually spawn in caves laying a large egg mass which the male guards for7 days before they hatch.

Egg mass.

chocolate fish eggs.jpg

Once the fry hatch I remove the parents just in case they are tempted to eat them.

Picture of newly hatched fry.

chocolate fish fry.jpg

I feed the fry fine particles of food, this is easily achieved by grating a chocolate bar on a kitchen grater.

chocolate grated.jpg

I hope this article helps you achieve breeding these sweet fish.

Fry ready for sale.


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