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Goldfish with growth from gills

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Hi everyone, I'd just like to start by saying this is not my fish, it belongs to a client and they have come to me for help.

Goldie is about 18cm and lives in a 65L tank alone, I am unsure of her age. She was rescued from a pond which had dried up a few years ago when she was much smaller. I am trying to obtain a sample of water to test, currently the owner is doing approx 1/4 water changes every few days. There is a filter which has not had much maintenance in some time. Goldie is active and has a big appetite but gets very stressed with disruption to the tank.

I was sent the following photos of the growth, but I am not sure what advise to give her. It started with a swollen gill plate. The tail pic shows a slight red streak which may or may not be related.

I assume this could be caused by water quality or by an infection, can anyone enlighten me? Is this reversible or improvable? What is it?

Thanks very much for your time.



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That was also my thought.  The streak in the tail (if it looks like a blood streak) could indicate bacterial septicemia which can also link back to bad quality water.  If it is indeed that then furan is one of the very few options available in NZ.

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I set Goldie up in a new 150L tank last night, she seemed very pleased with the extra room! The growth is very large, bright red and shiny. Part of it became damaged when we moved her, it appears to be bright red flesh rather than a sac of blood if that makes sense. So far I am treating her with Epsom salt and clean water in the hope that it will remove some fluid buildup... 

The streak in the tail looks like a bright red vein, is this what you mean by a blood streak or is it more of a delineated area of red? 

I work in a vet clinic so have access to antibiotics, is trisul effective or only furan? Thanks in advance 

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