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Geophagus sp. "orange head" fry


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My B-line juvies are now nearly 4 months old and most are or about 5cm in size; a few are closer to 6cm.  Here is one of the growout tanks:

A number have already been sold through private channels whilst a sale post have been placed recently into one of the local Wellington Facebook groups' page.


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Their parents have spawned a new batch of eggs within the last 24 hours.  Here's a video of them prior to spawning:

The new batch is the third one.  Like hovmoller's, most of the second batch were eaten.  I saved about a dozen of the second batch through separation.  The second batch were spawned around June, about 7-8 weeks after the first one.

For size estimates, that catappa leaf is about 22cm long, which would put the male (at the back) roughly around 12cm at 24 months old.

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