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Random eggs in my tank???


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So i was just having a look at one of my guppy breeding tanks and noticed at least 2 eggs floating randomly on the bottom... they definitely aren't air bubbles, they are 100% eggs. BUT... from what?

All i have in there are 4 guppies, i do how ever have 3 hoplo catfish but they're very small, around 5-7cm, surely they aren't sexually matured?. I did have an albino cory in there too but took him out yesterday, Ive had him/or her for about 2-3 months without any eggs or a partner so it cant be him.

Very puzzled...

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Just remembered i put my panda corydoras in there the other day while i was cleaning one of my other tanks.

How lucky, only have two of them, what are the odds they were a compatible pair lol :).

Bit of a shame i did a water change yesterday though, probably sucked up a lot of the eggs.

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But surely if they've been dropped they would be fertilized?

No, they're not fertilized before they're dropped. They're dropped. Then, maybe if there's a male around and if he happens to be paying attention then maybe they'll be fertilized.

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