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Is there a better way???


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ok got 5 leopard fish fry (yes the same ones every time) that think the syphon hose is a hydroslide and will not only go p it, but if put back in the tank head straight back there (these guys move to your fingers and nibble them when your scraping the glass)

is there any way to clean the tank without providing them with a slide or spending more time worrying about the water im pouring down the drain than actually cleaning.

just remember it is the same lil buggers every time in a tank with around 30 fry. (I can tell by the evil glint in their eyes... (and maybe the shae of their dorsal fins, spots, size etc...))

do I have to have a segregation chamber???

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can't.... trying to syphon up crap at the same time.

net would block.

seriously thinking about setting up a "water park" bucket for them... syphon them up continue cleaning tank, put them back in and let them have another ride if they feel like it (which they will)

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1: we are talking about 3-4mm long fish they think my finger is a toy.

2: can't net them out of the bucket as its full of crap (they are messy lil suckers) and I can't see them

3: I love them but they are badly behaved and not due to my bad parenting... what sort of bad parent lets their babies ride on hydroslides....

im thinking about getting a picture of a big nasty cichlid and pasting it to the syphon pipe.

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