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marine prices at jansens, auckland


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i went to jansens today to see if they had anything decent for sale.

what a shock. they are trying to sell a bubble coral for $250 and a morish idol for $240.

what a joke, no wonder the hobby is stuffed. also they were trying to tell me that the morish idol was easy to keep. this fish is not easy to keep.

has anyone else had bad experiance at this shop.

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I am sorry your first post to this forum should be such a negative one. I was unaware the 'hobby is stuffed' as you put it. I am sure that, like many shops, this one has assistants who give good advice, and ones who do not. Did you ask to speak to the manager so you could pass on your concerns? One bit of bad advice does not a poor shop make.

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Before you complain about prices , you need to justify those by comparing them to other prices in the area, for examlple if Jansens are selling A Moorish Idol for $240 and Hollywoods and others are selling them for $140, then you have 2 options, buy it elsewhere or ask Jansens to reconsider their price based on the evidence you have brought to them

The hobby is NOT stuffed just because you may think a fish is over priced

I have brought quite a few fish from Jansens over the years and have always found them to be price competitive on the stock they have, which is usually excellent.

I have never had any problems with BAD advice either

I agree with Caryl, if you feel that you did not get good advice you must speak to the manager.

Dont write them off on one bad experience you may have had

(Never Burn Your Bridges) :lol:


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Hi David,

Not a great way to enter a new forum, but you are very welcome here.

From your post it appears you may have given Jansens a raw deal.

If you made it appear as if you were an experienced Marine Fish Keeper, then possibly the assistant would have said such a thing, but if you appeared to be just starting out, I personally cannot see anyone at Jansens giving this advice.

The Heniochus acuminatus (Moorish Idol) is classed as one of the easiest Marine Fish to keep, along with many of the Chaetodon's, but only if you know what you are doing.

This company has been going for as long as I can remember, and always offered excellent advice and service.

Do you actually keep marines, and if so, what types.

Perhaps someone here can advise on additional fish you can keep.

Bill (Pegasus)

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pegasus. you should find out more before you tell me that morish idol is easy to keep.

please send me contact details of a person who has one alive. i cant find anyone. even books that i have and taking to real experts overseas. they also say that they are very hard yo keep. the last morish idol was $90 at hollywood fish farm.

i would also compare jansens reef tank with hollywoods , and then tell me who knows what they are talking about.

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Pegasus said...

> The Heniochus acuminatus (Moorish Idol) is classed as one

> of the easiest Marine Fish to keep...

David said...

> they also say that they are very hard yo keep...

I've never kept marine fish and *even* I know that the true

Moorish Idol (Zanclus cornutus) is generally considered to

be very difficult to keep alive in captivity for extended


The fish that mimic it, Heniochus, is more like the other

commonly kept butterfly type fish and much easier if it's

basic requirements are met...




http://www.exotictropicals.com/encyclo/ ... niocbw.htm

That's the curse of common names. However, doing some research

before ranting is never a bad idea...

I have no idea which species Jansens has at the moment. Difficult,

rare fish are often more expensive that easy common ones though.

Andrew, not even sure why he was reading this group...

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OK here I am with my two cents worth.Moorish Idols I have found to be easy to medium to handle if you know what to do and what not to.Obviously Jansens charge this price because they have no opposition with said fish .If there is another shop that has then yes I would suggest looking there then.Moorish Idol (zanlus Canescens) Banner fish or poor mans moorish (Heniochus Acuminatus) and yes I still have one and have had this for 10 months now.So much for not getting personal too eh. :-?

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Chris said...

> Moorish Idol (zanlus Canescens) Banner fish or poor mans

> moorish (Heniochus Acuminatus) and yes I still have one and

> have had this for 10 months now.

I'm sorry, I don't understand the above sentence.

BTW: As a matter of interest, while Z. canescens is in common

use too, apparently Z. cornutus has priority although both names

were first used in 1758 to refer to the same fish. Unless you

believe in 'page priority' which I don't think anyone does... ;-)

As far as 'ease of keeping' goes, many marine fish used to be

available in very bad condition (possibly from cyanide used

during collecting) and as such never adapted to an aquarium

diet. This *can* be the reason some fish are regarded as

being difficult. Good healthy specimens with a proper appetite

may be much easier to maintain. Or not.

> So much for not getting personal too eh.

If this is refering to me, I understand it even less.


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Hi David,

Don't know who you are or where you sprang from, but your attitude stinks.

These forums are designed to help others, and if ever you get to know me, which is unlikely at this rate, you will find that I try to offer advice where needed, and hopefully that advice is good.

We are niot here to critisize one shop against another, nor to spit in someones face that has tried to help you.

We are also not mind readers.

MY reference book (The Tropical Marine Aquarium ... Vincent B Hargreaves) says that the H. acuminatus IS easy to keep, whereas the Z. canescens is NOT easy to keep.

Having not been to either of the above firms for some years I can't comment on which of the above species they hold at present, and to be quite honest it would make little difference to me if they were selling Moorish Idols for ten bucks apiece.

Your original post did NOT say which Idol, the poor mans or the true, so I/we had no means of distinguishing which you meant.

If you have complaints to make, then do it with Jansens or Hollywood, not at my expense.


If the true Morrish Idol is available in this country, then obviously SOMEONE still has a living specimen, and keeping fish alive is what this hobby is all about.

Read the previous post. It says, "If you know what you are doing"

Hi Cris,

Thanks for the input.

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i have seen the moorish idol in jansens and can confirm thet it is a Zanclus cornutus. they are not easy to keep . my friend has tried but they never survive.

i must agree with david that the marine prices are out of control. paying $250 for a moorish idol is very expensive as they are a about a $90 fish.

i have another example were in jansens there was a flame angel for $320.

i paid $150 for mine about 6 months ago from another shop.

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I would say that is easy to keep Moorish idol “If you know what you are doingâ€.

Of course, you should have a proper equipment.

I have never had any problem with them.

Obviously Janses pet shop has own customers and own price policy. It should not be our business or subject of this forum.

Perhaps they got ripped off, and marines are now living in fresh water ?
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Oops sorry aj I wasn`t meaning you I just felt david was attacking pegasus without just cause.Also I meant to say that I bought a ZCanescens 10 months ago and it is still alive.I also totally agree with Caryl.If you can get the same fish cheaper somewhere else then do so no-ones forcing you to buy it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

There's no aggression here.... Just an old guy with some very old books and some old ideas that forums should not be the place to run down companies without due cause, as I feel that without the companies in question there would be far fewer of us keeping fish today.

The sad part was, that David came on the board and jumped down my throat for no apparent reason, as I was only trying to help.

Sure my books are old, but I'd sooner spend my money on things that matter in life, not the latest name of some fish species, that could change yet again in the years to come.

Nice to see you back on the boards... Where have you been hiding lately ?

Talking of fish names...

Why DO they keep changing them... ?

Obviously they didn't get it right the first time, or is it that they just want to sell us all the latest gadgets or new books with 90% old knowledge, and 10% new :)

They can change the names all they want, but the fish will remain the same until evolution or we (in our sometimes not infinite wisdom) decides to change them.


Bill (Pegasus)

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Yeah, We knew what we were talking about. But does the other guy know what you're talking about? Though, I really don't care if what I call a Geophagus Surinamensis is actually an altifrons or a whatever. They all look close enough for me.

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Pegasus said...

> We all knew what we were talking about BEFORE the name

> changes, so really this doesn't answer the question.

Except, of course, that this thread started off with confusion over

a name, so obviously not everyone knows all the time...


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I cant let this rubbish go unanswered.

As recent as last saturday I was lucky enough to travel to Auckland and return to Taranaki.

On my travels I visited 5 fish shops and saw many varietys of fish and many prices. At each shop I asked the same question regarding a sick fish and got a variety of answers.At Jansens the assistant did not know the answer but went and saw some other staff member and got the answer I required.

Prices varied from shop to shop and I could slag off every one of them if I felt that a price was more than the next shop. Why should I do that.

By the time I considered locality, shop rental and hours, staffing levels, turnover etc etc I would most likely get it wrong.

I would reurn to Jansens as I saw some real bargain fish and some that I felt were a bit on the high side. At other shops I saw the same fish for more or less dollars.

The prime example to me was a cleaning brush that I was looking for which ranged from $5.95 at Jansens to $15.95 at an unnamed shop.

The moral of the story: thank your lucky stars that we do get variety at all these shops as this is what makes the hobby interesting.

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While I am no longer in New Zealand demanding that my brother the glazier make me larger and larger aquariums, I have noticed around here (Los Angeles) that saltwater prices and indeed prices in general really differ. I give you my royal gramma as an example. Where I work it was around ten dollars, two miles away it was eighteen dollars and further away still he was only four dollars. If you want the best price you have to shop around, but sometimes the cheapest fish is not the best. I would happily pay a little more to a fish store that had clean tanks and good looking stock. As well as employees not afraid to go and ask a question of thier peers and not just create an answer so they dont look stupid.

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