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  1. Hi, A good place for carnivorous plant info (specifically the NZ hobby) is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/111057322252781/ Andrew.
  2. http://www.biosecurity.govt.nz/pests/alpinenewt
  3. I talked to Barrie tonight and they're not his but rather the person he sold his stuff to last year. Andrew.
  4. Hi, I would *definitely* not use any sort of sundew/butterwort or venus flytrap (VFT). If by 'pitcher plant' you mean Sarracenia then you might get away with it as frogs seem to able to escape from the traps on these. Nepenthes really aren't suitable for most terraria. In short, I'd put the carnivorous plants on the windowsill (where most kinds will do fine) and have other things (mosses/ferns/low growing other plants) in the frog tank. Andrew.
  5. > lucky man! Not so much lucky as persistant. OK, a bit lucky. > the trout one is one is iv been meaning to get my hands on, > but im terribly down on cash atm =( > > how much you looking for it? PM me if you're interested at around the $25 mark. I'll be in AKL this weekend so could even drop it off... Andrew.
  6. cichlidcentral said... > I have 7 of his books ... I have 11 (including a signed copy of the white covered 'New Zealand Freshwater Fishes'), assuming you count the 'Synoptic Checklist' which is more of a 'booklet'. If anyone is looking for the trout one then I have spares and also a spare copy of the above-mentioned 'booklet'. Andrew.
  7. Mikey said... > Do the pincer's grow back? From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paranephrops "Koura use their Chelae for both attack and defence and when one limb is lost the Koura will divert energy for overall growth to restoring the lost limb." So, yes. Generally after the next or subsequent sheds. Andrew.
  8. Sophia, > Stella, are you selling your book commercially or just privately? As Stella is largely 'incommunicado' right now, I'll answer that by saying it's pretty much only available from her at this stage although I can supply a copy if you want one. PM me if that's the case. Andrew.
  9. http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/news/4635230/River-expo-to-be-crowning-glory
  10. As Stella has said, the Turitea stream is full of redfins (and trout-lings). A person could catch a couple of males in 15 minutes and be home before 10:00pm. Assuming the possums didn't get you... Andrew.
  11. Stella said... > ... he is 10cm and she is 8m... That's a big 'she'... ;-) Andrew.
  12. Wow. I've only ever seen one (a juvenile), about 30 years ago in the Turitea stream here in Palmerston North. Oh, and not really an eel... Andrew.
  13. ajbroome

    Tail Clamping?

    Barrie (et al), I used to keep a baseline sodium chloride level of about that in all my killie tanks. Velvet is a big problem with Nothobranchius spp (IMHO), especially fry, and so I always kept a eye on them and would crank the levels up if required. Species from other genera seem more robust (maybe Ps. annulatus excluded) but a low level of salt has never been a problem with the various species I've bred. BTW: This level of salt doesn't hurt plants, not even Crypts (who are supposed to be very salt-intolerant). There are some people who beleive that if your water quality is good enough then you don't need salt (Hi Stella) but I disagree with regard to some species of killifish. Andrew.
  14. ajbroome

    Tail Clamping?

    I'd say 'velvet'.
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