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Help With Office Display Tank


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I have been given an AR850 that I need to set up as an office display tank and I need some help

I have no trouble setting tanks up but am a little lost for inspiration with this one

my options are

Rock biotype-yellows/dems, peacocks of one/some sort, Mumba colony

Sand Biotype-Shellies only

Planted dwarf tank-loaches, dwarfs-2-3 types available/together?

Planted community tank-you name it

Access will be mon-fri only an I have to bucket water change

additives are no issue but money is limited so wish to do it on cheep cheep


Thanks in advance


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Yellows/dems/java and anubais, those ar850's have 3 tubes in them so you would need some sort of plants in there :) The yellows/dems would be very low maintenance and look good, they may outgrow that tank but I know you will know the signs and have plenty of tanks to move them into if this happens :)

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Your tank looks awesome Jen, the only problem I have with shellies is they aren't that showy, if you have a tank in a public place you want some showy fish in it so everyone looks in there and goes wow that cool. Pretty much noone notices the shellies in my tank inside but everyone notices the tropheus and clown loaches and other bright fish that are in your face.

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