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Help! How do I care for a Pukeko baby?

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Today the cat attacked some baby Pukekos. I managed to reunite two of the babies i saved with the parents but the third was too weak to follow so i brought it home with me.

I am not too sure how old it is. Right now he is cosy in a box with a hot wheat bag and a towel to keep him warm. Is this right? Does anybody have any more tips for me?

Thanks :(

Prophecy's girlfriend

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Not sure on looking after one. Wife was telling me that there hard to deal with and when you go to release it, if it ends up in the territory of another Pukeko family, it will get attacked and possible killed by them.

She is trying to find the book she read about them in, if found will post any useful info later.

Hope that helps

Edit- after reading the other post that were done while I was typing (lol, i'm not the fastest typer) I can see why they are a pain / hard to deal with.

Good luck, and glad to see some have seen something similar to what the wife and I where trying to find. Still looking just in case of any other useful bit

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