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  1. Hi all, so i'm finally getting back into marine, but lost my old notes. Is 20x the tank volume the best minimum water movement to aim for? Any other tips people have found works well for their tank? Cheers
  2. After a bit of Christmas moss Prefer in Wellington area, but happy to pay to get some shipped if none local PM me with what you have and after for it. Vinnie
  3. Congrats. Say bye bye to new stuff for awhile though. My wife and I had our first born 6 months ago now and we are loving it... but I have an empty 850L tank to show the money is going to more important things. Where only at 6 months and agree with this, your in for an awesome time. The late night wake ups will be worth it (most of the time lol)
  4. Hey all Our next meeting is tomorrow night, doors open about 7:30pm, meeting starts between 7:45 and 8pm. We will be having a member that is a professional photographer give a talk on how to get a good photo of your fish / tank and other tricks. Guest welcome, perfect time to come check out the club if you have been thinking about it. Meeting is at: Upper Hutt citizens advice bureau, 18 Logan Street, Upper Hutt.
  5. Thanks to those that answered the question politely, as I didn't know if the internal force was the same or not. Will go 600mm high to keep it safe as this is going behind the couch if I build it.
  6. So I haven't done anything major in a while since the way work has been, and had to scrap a few projects along the way. Looking at building a tank for the living room for fresh water trop while re starting my marine project, anyway... The tank I'm looking at building would be 2500 x 300 x 900mm (W x D x H). now I know for a normal tank build over the 600 - 700mm height you need to go thinker than 10mm glass. With it only being 300mm front to back and good bracing could I get away with 10mm or to risky?
  7. What livingart and Ira said is exactly it. When a hive splits, a queen and swarm of drones move off to find a spot to set up a new hive, your trying to make that part easier for them, and get your free swarm at the same time
  8. you can catch a swarm by using an old tray with wax still on it from another bee keeper if you can get a hold of one. just place it in a box with a 100 x 100mm hole cut in one side, place it on a farm some where (orchards are good as some farmers like to have bee hives around), and with any luck you will catch your swarm. Once you have got a swarm, move the tray to there new hive, job done. This is how I started when I gave this hobby a go back 13 years ago, worked for both hives I set up.
  9. UHAS meeting tomorrow, we are looking at playing a vid or 2. also will be having a brief talk on what club members want to do next year, so if you have been thinking of joining a club and in the area, come and share what you would like to hear talks about in fish keeping. :f77: Come along. PM me for any info Wednesday 13/11/13 @ 7:30pm Citizens advice bureau, 18 Logan St Upper Hutt
  10. Love the setup dude !drool:
  11. Has anyone had any good dealings with any fibreglass factory's in the lower north island. I'm after a quote for a project, and have been mucked around by the only local factory I know of. Thanks
  12. I don't know if I want to go home now, in te puke at the mo and dreading the thought of the empty tanks stacked in the shed lol.
  13. I started the other way, but as si_sphinx said, if you don't mind watching an empty tank, it works, or if you know your going to get annoyed looking at an empty tank after 3 month (I did as I started with a 850L and a lot of rock), you may end up getting tempted to push your luck by putting your first fish or coral in a little early. I did have fun watching everything slowly grow, but the waiting game did get the better of me :lar:
  14. Late notice but no meeting tomorrow night as our prez is away (which we knew), but the rest of the club comity is now unavailable for this meeting. Details will be emailed to members stating what is going on. Guest speaker is happy to do talk next month as understands the situation. Thanks
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