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  1. I think the best place to drill a couple of holes will be on the right hand side. I don't it is neccassry thou. Aquaone filters are pretty good, in my opinion..
  2. I would use it. I would give it a rinse/soak in tap water over night and be very smug with myself...
  3. Oh man, that was bad luck. Never had such a thing happen to me. Fairly unusual for sure. Blimmin bad luck. Don't give up.
  4. Fishluva


    I find that it usually takes approximately two and a half weeks for it to cycle away. I always loose some fish, about one third.
  5. Fishluva


    In my opinion, white spot comes with new fish. A bare tank, with no substrate is necessary for successful treatment. White spot cure, works for me. Just about always,at higher doses than recommended. It is such a pain in the proverbial, that I will not, under any circumstances, put un quarantined fish in my main tank. Bristlenose, die wholesale, if left untreated.
  6. If you get a pair, in no time at all there will be fifty. If you get two males, one will be bullied. Two females would be nice, I think? :-)
  7. No, i didn't have any to hand. Would have been a good idea too! Next time..
  8. i would have only one bristlenose.
  9. Today I had a crack at making that gel fish food. First I checked out a couple of Utube vids. Then i went to the local supermarket and got a hoki fillet, some seafood assorted mix stuff with mussels, squid, and salmon bits, and i got a half of beef heart, and some gelatine. Threw the lot in a blender, boiled some water and spooned in the gelatine. Mixed it all together and put it in the fridge. It worked like a charm! My fish are really into it! Yay for Utube!
  10. Hi! Massive ponds eh! How cool. What you got in them?
  11. Try pumping some fresh air into it if you don't already. I have a tank with a close fitting hood, that does not allow for the proper circulation of fresh air into it. An airstone on a little pump improves the fish , and the filter almost immediately. Vacuum the substrate again. It will be some simple thing you've overlooked.
  12. You could try tweezering in a few grains of osmocote or similar on end of your tank and see if it makes a difference?
  13. Snail population quickly explodes , then seems to settle down. Give it a bit of time. Very hard to eliminate them. I gave up, after a fairly determined effort. I think they might even be beneficial in certain situations.
  14. Is that a botia in there? if it is, they're bad medicine at night for your discus.
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