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Found 5 results

  1. So I know I'm not the only one wondering about this but why does no one ever import any discus that look like they do in the wild? Plenty of other weird looking discus gets imported. Most other aquarium fish do and these wild discus types are certainly popular overseas so why not in NZ? I'm not after real wild discus.. too expensive and too risky for me. Been there done that. So if anyone can import some good quality brown/blue/green wild looking discus at normal discus prices then I'll be the first to buy a group I promise! e.g. from here: Stendker in Germany or from Asia I don't care as long as they meet the criteria above. I can't post in the commercial topic but would love to hear what any importers or shops have to say about this? Thanks!
  2. Hiya all. I had 5 discus, all happy, healthy, and active. Then suddenly one went completely psycho racing around the tank and smacking into everything, then dropped dead. A few days later a second one just dropped dead - no psycho behavior beforehand. Neither one had any visible signs of illness, no parasites, no fungus, but a few hours before dying the second one lost colour and went listless. All the other fish in the tank were fine, including the other discus. The tank parameters were all fine, nothing new had been added to the tank, no change in feeding, water change had been several days earlier, so no sudden changes in the tank. I waited two weeks, to see if any more died, but none did, so I bought another two to replace the dead ones. After adding the two new discus, the next day one of the other discus promptly dropped dead. Again, no signs of illness except loss of colour and listlessness a few hours before dying. As before, all the other fish, including the other discus, are fine. But then so we're the others before they dropped dead. Any ideas?
  3. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm in the planning stages of setting up a 'new' tank. The tank I'm going to use is 92cm x 60cm x 50cm (which I think is 276 litres or just under 60 gallons?). The tank will contain soft/sand substrate, with lots of driftwood, lots of caves (plus a glass tube which I'm hoping the ele will favour), and LOTS of plants. On one half of the tank this will use the entire height of the tank (planted bottom, plants attached to driftwood at mid-levels, and surface floating plants at top), with the other half more sparsely planted/decorated and kept lower to give (the discus) some free space. The community I'm wanting to create, in order of importance, is- 1 elephant nose fish, 3 discus, 5-7 glass cats, 2 kribs, 5-7 cardinal tetras, 1-2 longfin bristlenose, 1 kuhli loach, 1-2 Angel/german blue Rams. My questions- 1. My filter is a Fluval 404 but I'm wanting to add UV. I'm unsure though of what would be best for my tank and my fish. Ie: how many uv watts should I be looking for? Should i get one thats combined with a filter - is there any such thing as too much filtration? What type of Litres/hr should i look at - eg would 800L/H be enough? - would 2000L/H be better? Would a higher / 2000L/H flow rate create too much current for my size tank or my types of fish? Would an internal one be able to sit down low / offer the benefit of being able to target lower / problem areas of the tank? Or should I go for an external one (my tank has to have a sealed lid with not even little spaces or my ele might get out)? 2. Your thoughts on my intended community ie: too many? or, could I dare to add - another discus? - or increase my schooling fish (glass cats? cardinals?) - even just by 1-2 to make them more comfy? I'm hoping the provision of lots and lots of hiding places and caves will allow me to keep a breeding pair of kribs and of bristlenoses. How likely is it that I'll encounter problematic aggression from these guys whilst mating? - I expect them to defend their territory, but also to keep their defense localized? (There will be caves at mid-level that I'm hoping will appeal to the kribs, but my precious elephant nose will spend alot of it's time at the bottom level where the bristlenoses will presumably be). 3. Obviously I'm very keen to avoid diseases in my scaleless fish, I've heard bolivian rams (and cories, and guppies) are more likely to carry / be susceptible to diseases, does anyone know if this is true of other rams such as Angels or German Blues - or any of my other chosen fish? Thanks so much in advance! Missfish xx
  4. For Sale or Trade young blue/green Turq Discus around 8cms excluding tail very healthy and growing fast looking for offers or swaps for livebearers Pickup Carterton
  5. I have 1 unopened 300 gram container of Tetra Colour tropical granules and 1 which is half full. Expiry date 11/16 Perfect for feeding discus and larger community tropicals. Promotes good colour. $20 for the lot. Pickup Epsom, Auckland
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