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  1. Hi, I'm wanting to know a bit about bala sharks and was wondering if anyone could give any advice. 1. Are they best kept on there own or in groups? I've heard they do best in groups, is this correct? If so how many at least to make a group? 2. What are good tank mates? 3. What size tank would you recommend for juvenile bala sharks? I can upgrade the tank as they grow. And yes I know they grow huge Thanks
  2. It is recommended to keep 2 female guppies per 1 male since the males tend to harass the females constantly to mate so having two females gives one a rest while the male is interested in the other. I'd recommend keeping the pregnant guppy in a heavily planted tank so the babies have somewhere to hide to avoid being eaten or put her in a breeding box when she is close to giving birth. I'd also recommend keeping the fry in a tank on their own but be careful with what filter you use since fry are so small they can be sucked into it. Cover the filter intake with some old stockings or pantyhose or use a sponge filter. Good luck!
  3. Hi there, I have a hailea chiller model HC -250A and I am needing to know what filter/pump to use with it. Does anyone have this chiller and/or can recommend what to use it with? Thank you
  4. Of course repashy would be great, never thought of that. Yeah I leave their old shell in the tank for a bit which they tend to nibble on
  5. Hi all, I was just wondering what other people feed their Koura. I am wanting to try and add a bit more variety to my guys diets. Also how do you add calcium to their diet? Thanks
  6. Thanks heaps everyone! Are sterbai, peppered and julii corys quite hardy fish or are they very sensitive like panda corys?
  7. Try a local glass and window repair shop if you have one nearby. I had a friend whos tank had a break in the seal a few years back and they took it to novus or a place similar (I can't quite remember now) and they managed to fix it, no worries.
  8. What about Julii cory. Has anyone had any experience with these little guys?
  9. I am wanting to add some corydoras to my 165L community tank. I have had panda corys before which i really liked but they are pretty sensitive and my local pet shop doesnt stock them anymore because of this. I have had a look at what they do have in store and I was thinking either peppered or sterbai corys. I was wondering, 1) How similar they both are to panda corys personality wise. 2) Is there much difference between the peppered and sterbai corys in regards to size, how active they are, care etc.
  10. I like your trio with the dividers removed. Looks lovely like that
  11. Im worried if i add ornaments (especially ones with colour) that they would take away from the colour of the bettas. Do you find this at all?
  12. Thank you, yeah he's got beautiful blue, red, pink and purple colours through his fins and tail. I saw him and knew I had to have him! I have to admit I do like the red column type ornament you have. Ive seen them at the shop and have been tempted to get one and break my natural look
  13. This is my betta trio tank. I like to stick with a "natural" theme in my tanks by using live plants, driftwood and rocks.
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