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  1. Bit of an update.... Full White Albino Platinum: Have the same strain but in Blond which is not quite as nice. Silky Blue: Easy to breed. Sulphur Lutino Endler: Something new and the pictures don't do them any justice. Best yellow I have ever seen in a guppy. Metalhead Lutino: Another variety of the Lutinos. Japan Blue Fire Tail: This is something new I have been working on for 9 month now. Combines Y-linked JB with X-linked LE. Koi Guppies: Plenty of them around now in Albino and non-albino.
  2. Haven't tried anything else with them than getting the fish as yellow as possible, sorry.
  3. Another source that suggests to keep them together: Click Personally I believe it is a recessive mutation that is responsible for this trait - which potentially carries some lethal factors so breeding it in a pure strain could lead to infertility and other problems. I don't think we have this mutation in NZ to be honest. This could mean that line breeding wont work - which probably explains why I haven't managed to breed a golden (yellow) strain since February 2013 when I first had a yellow-ish fish showing up in my tanks. 10 generation of back-crossing and selection later the quality hasn't improved and is far, far from what you see on pictures if you google "Phallorceros caudimaculatus reticulatus auratus" Cheers, JaSa
  4. Not sure if that will work. Helmut Stallknecht wrote in a german book 1989 that the only way he could breed the golden Phalloceros was to keep a mixed population of golden and normal colored fish together and catch the golden ones out every now and then for sale. If he tried breeding them in a pure line, they were weak and became infertile after a couple of generations. Hope this helps? Cheers, JaSa
  5. For sale is one IBC tank 1000ltr. Had alcohol in it so will be easy to clean and will not leave any nasty residuals after a good scrubbing. Has a proper ball valve as outlet and won't start leaking as the usual valves do after a few month or regular use. Doesn't come with cage which isn't a major if you put on an even surface. Had tanks like this for years in the garage to store water or as outside ponds with no problem. Asking $50. Cheers, JaSa
  6. Yep - but don't forget that the Koi expression is not only defined by localized red traits. It also needs the trait LE (Phil Shaddock - leucophore body) which makes up the white body. And as you stated before ("...the colour is more orangey-red"), this is already missing in your fish. Switching to Albino will help but LE is still required for the original look as leucophores reflect all the light back in a scattered way, which makes up the dull white body without the metallic shine as we know it from Full White Platinums. That's why I usually go for a totally unrelated, very visible, dominant trait in the initial females to single out any X that is not from the original strain.
  7. The Pandas are a side project from my Black Lutino I am working on. Right from the first mutation within my Red Chest Endlers the single female back then was Lutino and Pink and it has taken 4 years for the two traits to separate due to a crossing over. Pink combined with Moscow gives you Pandas. The Gull Wing got introduced through my Full White Platinums by accident when a male jumped tanks and had a bit of fun with some Lutino Panda females. I first wanted to dump them but thought I see what happens. It did a great job putting Black on the fins so I just keep them as they are. Work on the Black Lutinos continues which is hard because the Midnight gen can be lethal when you take it too far. Need to take a picture of my breeding male as he is pretty close to full black - with red eyes The Koi are Albino, yes. Only Albino can express the white like we know it from Koi Carps. Not many Koi females have been imported so at the moment there are two lines. One is Koi males crossed with HB females and the resulting F1 females crossed back to the Koi father. This will give you 50% original Albino Koi females in F2 but takes +6 month and the first fry is expected next week. HB because it is dominant and every female that expresses it has no X chromosome from the Koi strain. And the other line is with the only two imported females. That way you will get a wider and healthier variety of pure Koi females for the future as you created your females (XX) out of different males (XY) which hopefully contributed slightly different X's. But bottom line is that Albino is Albino and are always a bit tricky...
  8. Long needed update... Not so much Full Red Guppies: Lutino Panda with Midnight and Gull Wing gen - genetically a crazy fish: Swallow Guppies still around: Koi Guppies - females and males: Japan Blue DS: Cheers, JaSa
  9. @ Colour_genes: Yeah I know. Not enough time in between breeding, hunting, building the dog and looking after the garden
  10. Hello, autumn is upon us and sadly it is time to empty the outside breeding setup again. But on the bright side, this means you get quality guppies for a $2 each. Pop in next Saturday (17.03.2018) between 10:00 and 12:00 and grab your share. There are the following guppy strains and other fish available from the outside setup: Magenta Platinum Moscows ($2) Red Tail Platinum Endler ($2) Tiger Endler ($2) Red Sword Tails ($2) Bumble Bee Platy ($2) From inside the fish room, the following are for sale: Japan Blue ($5) Koi Guppy males ($10) Full Red Albino ($10) Blond Tiger Endler ($5) Silver-Blue Tiger Endler ($15) Full White Platinum ($15) Black Moscow ($5) Blonde Merlin ($10) Albino Bristlenose ($5) Weather depending, first in - first served, as long as stock lasts, no shipping, cash only, only between the time frame on the day, bring own container, no kids or dogs. Send me a PM and I will send you the address (Te Awamutu area). Cheers, JaSa
  11. As discussed in the other topic a little while ago, if you pay for the freight, I will send you a pair of them plus another pair of JB that don't carry albino. The father of both is the breeding male I posted pictures of here before. Their fry will produce some nice DS for you. Send me a PM with your address and what else you are after and we go from there...
  12. Need to clean out some breeding tanks. Moscow, Magenta Moscow and Japan Blue (JB) Pairs for $5 each pair. The fry of the JB pairs will be albino double swords. First in - first served until stock lasts. Bring own container at pickup after 6pm. No putting aside or shipping, sorry. Also have about 50 feeder guppies that can be collected for $15 the lot. If not sold by next Saturday they go to the chickens as protein snacks. Cheers, JaSa
  13. I hope you have shares in a power company: That tank will take a lot of heating with the water flowing through the outside shed
  14. Can ship them for you. $5 each + $35 freight
  15. Check out Farm Source, PGG or Farmlands. They sell 38mm wash down hose by the meter which fits perfectly over a 40mm hose tail...
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