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  1. beautiful photos, my next big trip will definitely be to South America!
  2. In my experience, I have seen Khuli loaches burrow into small sized pebbles around 2 -4mm, hence i believe most pebble type stones will work if that is what you want. If you don't want them to always be burrowing and hiding, then you can either have a bare tank - like they do in pet shops, or you can use fine sand, such as seachem's black sand - they wont burrow into that stuff :slfg: not because that stuff is sharp, rather i think it is just a bit too dense and heavy for them.
  3. Spec list please! Tank looks fantastic I especially want to know what the grass looking plant is and how you got it to grow on the wood/rocks?
  4. Hollywood fish farm mt roskill are at 36 Frost Road which is about 5-10 mins away from SH20 that comes from the airport, as well Animates mount eden which is about 5 mins away from HFF. They have a larger fish section than most animates, as well they have a planted tank that is doing well atm with CO2. Btw, note HFF's easter hours http://www.fnzas.org.nz/fishroom/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=58119 As for other attractions, Mount eden is great for views, as is One tree hill with its massive park :thup:
  5. I've got a S2 and I would have to say that it is the most bug free phone I have used so far. (Previous Phs; HTC Nexus One, SE k810i, Nokia 7610) Its so lightweight and thin that I forget its in my pocket sometimes and the colours on the screen are gorgeous. As well, I use GPS and browse the net alot, so I much prefer the bigger screen to the Iphone 4s. I do like to tinker with my phones a bit, so Android was an easy choice for me. Cost was also important, with the S2 at almost half the price of a new 4s
  6. Any of the Takashi Amano books are awesome! They're like 90% pictures and 10% words, and you can find them in Auckland Libraries. Hopefully they will give you inspiration to start a new planted tank in your spare time
  7. I am so visiting that BMW museum one day! Cars + innovative architecture...I think I would be in heaven there !drool:
  8. I reckon you can achieve that without Co2 in about 3 months...though you may need a little bit of ferts. Also it seems they are using low - med light, as alot of the glosso is growing upwards. Patience is the key, along with good layout design. :thup:
  9. Will definitely put you first if I end up moving Oh, I'm open to all opinions, it's interesting how many people on this forum doesn't like auckland! But I'm thinking that maybe since we're all into fish and/or natural life, then alot of people would prefer a more relaxed life outside of Ak. Wow, definitely not easy to fly back every 2nd weekend! When I first initially started looking for jobs and found the Auckland market dry, my girlfriend and I talked about me coming back Ak or her flying to Oz every 1-2 months if I found a job there. We know we can do long distance relationships - she did an exchange in japan for a year. In a couple of weeks, we will have been together 5 years
  10. Both firms are good, but the Christchurch firm is over twice as big and have a long history in nz, but I have heard from a friend that they're slave drivers... :dunno: While the other firm seems to have a better balance between work and life (This is what two friends in this firm have told me) Christchurch is an architects dream atm, though if I stayed up here, I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing work on Christchurch as well! Being able to go to Organisms does sound tempting...
  11. Zomg! so much anti Aucklanders on this thread :nilly: Cool :sml2: interesting opinions! ok, If I rephrase the question a little bit; If you were my age (23-24), would you go work in Christchurch? ^ does that change anything? :slfg: Will wait and see what happens on wednesday, got both interviews on the same day, Christchurch company interview will be over skype :thup: I've also sent out masses of CVs and portfolios to Sydney today and will see if anything comes back next week as well. In the process, I also sent a message to a firm through their enquiry form with the name of another company in the text.... :digH: Gotta say though, Oz has some incredible architecture over there!
  12. First of all, I don't mean to offend anyone with this post, but I have a question: Would you go work in Christchurch? I live in Auckland, I'm 23 going on 24 and have just finished my degree last year in Master of Architecture. There is a potential job for me in Christchurch with a large well known New Zealand architecture firm...If they offer me the job, should I take it? Pros: Big famous firm Lots of work? = good experience Cons: All my mates (including Girlfriend) and family are in AK (and I do like Ak life) Earthquake risk? Don't Know anyone in christchurch Other options: Potential job in Ak with another big firm but not as famous (again depends if they offer me a job) Going Sydney to look for work/travel (have a very good mate over there, but no job opportunities just yet) Any wise wisdoms and opinions appreciated! Thanks
  13. where did you get them from? Was it from 'just angels'? I know they sell peruvian angels. Wish we could get Altums here though! They are stunning!
  14. That is some amazing contrast of colours Do we have them here?
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