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  1. i have worked at a glass company before and i never herd of them using a spray polyurithane who dose this ? I know they used a UV glue for a mitered edge and that worked fine but i had polished edges on one of my huge tanks and i used silicon and it ended up splitting away from the glass had to ruff it up before gluing again and it worked sweet as
  2. just remember polished edges dont sick well give them a ruff up with sum sand paper before gluing .... Learned that lesson
  3. one thing i would like to do to my pond is make a vegetable filter >>>How to construct a vegetable pond filter @ http://www.pond-solutions.co.uk/pjmvegfilter.htm or just search Google for them or you could consider is a In Pond Filter Box and Aerator really cheap way to go http://www.skippysstuff.com/fltrbox.htm or then you could make just a bio filter diy instructions at http://www.runnerduck.com/pf1.htm..... plus some other things to consider is the placement of your pond If you want to grow aquatic plants, you should try to place the pond in a site that will get around 5 to 6 hours sunlight per day and you should also avoid placing your pond under trees where it may get clogged up with fallen leaves. Also check out http://www.reeflounge.com/showthread.php?t=24851 <<<
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    Cool tank

    wow what a awesome tank i would love a salt tank like that maybe when i win lotto lol :bounce:
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    Sorry WARREN i didn't know i could do that :roll:
  6. put your fish into a wine glass and take photo :lol: works good for me
  7. My Little community tank Apple snail hard at work Some of my guppys Thanks for looking BTW im looking for nice strains of guppys to buy if anyone can help Thanks Rick
  8. here are some of my photos some things have changed since i took them This is my outside turtle tank This is my inside turtle tank i made this 5 years ago it has a mirror back witch my turtle loves to play in This is timmy my 5 year old turtle hes a grumpy bugger My cat stalking my turtles
  9. RixIce


    Hi, everybody. I have been a member before but I forgot my user name ect. I live in the sunny Hawkes bay and I keep turtles and guppys and a few tetras. I have 3 tanks and 3 breeding bins for my guppys . All I want for xmass is a fish room. BTW im looking for nice strains of guppys to buy if anyone can help Thanks Rick Photos here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35872&p=391961#p391961
  10. yes hes a male. and i have two that are about 1 year old one male one female both are bitten on feet
  11. My red eared slider of 4 years is biting my 1 year old turtles they have nails missing and bite makes on there back feet What should I do I have now separated them but I’m worried about there feet :(
  12. stick with a stiff back razor blade and i use ethanol to clean up :bounce:
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    Welcome to KathyC

    Hello and welcome. 3000 members that is awesome :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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