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  1. Hi, Just find some females with lots of evenly spaced black dots so the resulting offspring will have more rays. Notice that the shorter part odf the tail ends at the black marking. Here's mine:
  2. They are called Blue Green Moscow check this one out on Aquabid http://www.aquabid.com/cgi-bin/auction/ ... 1282423211 dont they look almost exactly the same as the ones being sold here? AaaronBeta pointed this one out to me.
  3. Isn't the first pic a banana plant?
  4. cesarz

    Pingu guppies

    Hi raewyna, Yes those are very nice Pingu guppies, the LFS are actually selling them now as "Bumblebee guppies" cesar
  5. cesarz

    Moscow guppies

    Is johhnny still active in this forum, Moscows are now available in the LFS.
  6. You must be dreaming :roll: There are however lots of imported guppies for you to choose from in the LFS both Animates and HFF. You will have to develop those strains yourself as they are not yet available in NZ. You would need the following strains that are available in the LFS right now: For the Full Black: Black Tuxedo female, Moscow male For the Full Red Albino: Full Red Tuxedo male, Red Tail Albino female
  7. I actually found heaps of submerged Homalia sp in a creek in Christchurch. Bundles and bundles of them looking like wiry java moss. I took a little bit (less than a handfull) and chucked half of it in the tropical tank and half in the coldwater tank. They both grew so slow that I concluded that I'd rather have the java type mosses instead.
  8. I experimented on my reject guppies by giving them high fat food, they grew very fast and became fat. (Have you seen a fat guppy ) Then one by one they just die suddenly, very lively then suddenly dead. I disected them and they all had very fat internal organs which resembled fatty liver disease. I was also watching my prized breeder guppy male courting a female and suddenly died mid-courtship. I guess it was heart attack, he was not fat though.
  9. That one looks like Homalia pulchella, and is a NZ native moss, I found a big patch of it under a small waterfall when I was hunting for other species of Fissidens (not berteroi) Fissidens is actually better and faster growing. Homalia is extremely slow when submerged.
  10. If you bought it from Hutt Pets, that one is Echinodorus parviflorus "Tropica", used to be wrongly called parviflora or parva
  11. No, he is still in quarantine in a plastic bin that's why I said I'll take pictures if he is still alive. He had a bad case of columnaris and velvet (whitespot?) given to him by the two females. See the blue water? When he is okey I'll take photo of him side view. I'll take pictures of him if he dies too.
  12. But at least you have the Full Red tux female , I dont have one. The red females with my Full Red male are Marlboro Red females so I can get rid of the slight tuxedo in the offspring eventually
  13. Here they are: Trio of Full Red Two Moscows Green(right) and Old Fashioned(left) Purple Moscow
  14. Promise this Saturday if he is still alive. There were three of them but I let them go to other members of the club (we were having our club meeting at the Pet Centre Porirua). I did not get all of them or else I will get the evil eye stares.
  15. This is a photo of a speartail from Malaysia Guppy Club. I dont think anyone would think their fins are ripped. must be something else and not speartail.
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