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  1. I have one with squiggly Patten on its shell which i found unusual.And one with olive colouring like Livingart showed on one of his post.I think it was one of his babys he was showing.I have not seen this colour before.
  2. I all ways found them to be peaceful.Never heard of Kulli loaches hurting any thing.But i think there was a thread on here a few days ago about some bodys guppy tails been nipped.I have had them in with all sorts.Never a prob.
  3. I would not muck around if he smell off.Some thing is wrong he should not have that smell.His eyes dull is another indicator he is sick.It could be internal.
  4. Will i thought i would give an update about my gay turtles.Will they are not gay,its a dominance thing between males from what i read on google.Interesting as i have never seen turtles do that.
  5. Congratulations :bounce: What other fish do you have in the tank?.
  6. All i can say is they are stunning.
  7. mumzy50

    Im Stumped

    May be the cheap suckers released chemicals into the tank.Hard to say as your fighters were okay.
  8. mumzy50

    I'm New!

    Do they have a bone When they use to tell you to do that.Bitches could not be spade till they were six months.Dogs would jump your fence and lock with your dog as rangers back then did not round up strays.It was a bit like put sugar on a turtles penis it would cause them to retract.Or shock would. :lol:
  9. That fish was lucky.It was nice some body cared enough to rescue it.
  10. mumzy50

    I'm New!

    Welcome to the forum Things my have changed.But thats what vets would tell you to do a long time ago.And it worked. :lol:
  11. Last time i had one in my house.I screamed for my son to help.Fat chance of him helping.He does not like them either.We let the poor dog at it.The horrible thing latched on to her lip.I will be armed with a tennis racket this time.
  12. Your right you can eat them in the grub stage.No a bad taste,not some thing i would get into.I would have to be real hungry.When i see them in the beatle stage i run. :lol:
  13. Will i got brave and got the huge net and caught it,then fed it to my frogs.Who loved it.Its those big Beatles i really hate with big prickles on their legs.Some one told my they bite.and they are so hard to kill.Hate them they send me running around screaming.
  14. She has a platform to get up on.And has laid some up there,but most in her tank.I cant wait to get her out side when it warms up.Is a shame they are not like chicken eggs it would be nice.Fresh eggs for breakfast :lol:
  15. Will spring must be on its way.I had one of those horrible things with wings flying around my kitchen.Now im to frightened to go in there.i wish someone would get up and deal to it.
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