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    FISH, being strange, strange music, strange comedy, Being a wanabe Steampunk
  1. lets not turn this into another chuck norris joke thread. Its a great song and Lemon demon is a great band, good to see them being acknowledged in a fish forum lol.
  2. Cheesejawa

    Name that fish #9

    I dont remember having to wait until the answer had been posted for more questions to be asked the first time the game was going but I might be wrong, isnt there a sticky somewhere with the rules?
  3. Cheesejawa

    Name that fish #9

    Is it round shaped?
  4. Cheesejawa

    green algae

    Moving it out of the sunlight and more water changes always help but If all else fails as with one of my tanks you could get a phosphate remover. Hope this helps
  5. Looks really good sor far, are you going to put any substrate?
  6. Sorry im noty much help on sand but Vindy how did u get the rocks to stay up like that? im assuming silicon but I thought it didnt work well on smooth rocks?
  7. I always wanted to know how to figure about the litres in tanks with curved glass corners. Is there a caculator site that can do this?
  8. They have already made a movie using the sims. Its called "The Strangerhood". I havent seen it but my friends who have say funny but odd. Aparently they are planning a sequal. :lol:
  9. Wow thats going to be useful when its finished. I imagine it will be hard to get photos of the rarer plants.
  10. The red tail shark and golden (chinese) algae eater are too big and agressive for your tank. They will probably be very agressive to each other the most. I would ditch both of them and 1 of the angels. How are the red tailed shark and the chinise algae eater getting along well with the other fish? how big are they?
  11. Beacher sand far finer and less sharp than builders sand. What type of tank is it for? Caryl is there any reason behind the law?
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