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  1. it is sealed of at the top to prevent them getting out & other things getting in but that wont stop them from falling of and hurting them selves. Has any one got any ideas?
  2. Hi I have built a turtle pond in my garden for my five year old red eared slider. It also has a large soil area for it to dig and bask in the sunlight. The water depth is about 45-50 cms and it has a space of about 2 square meters in total. it is fenced of with chicken mesh to stop cats/predators getting in. I want to get another Snake neck turtle to go In the pond with it? will this be Ok? also will it need any heating be cause they need temps of about 25 degrees upwards not sure how I would a power supply for the heater if I end up needing it. any help would be much apreciated. Thanks PS: is there any snake necks for sale at the moment? I can't find any?
  3. The pygmy blue tongues are REALLY COOL!!!
  4. ON my you tube account I have been subscribed to these guys for about two-three years. Their reptiles are amazing!
  5. Off the top of my head I can't think of a reptile that feeds its young, but some crocodilians are known for their maternal care in regards to protecting their babies from predators, etc. I learned that one fast while working with crocs in Botswana a few years back.
  6. just asking about alans previous post. Where can we get pinky mice with out breeding our own. are there any shops that sell them? a link to a website? (Sorry to derail the thread) I am working on a care sheet for axolotls if it is any help.
  7. wow they are cool, they almost look like bettas through the camera!
  8. Sounds like fun can someone bring the member ship sheet for me I forgot my money last time.
  9. yup I am going I haven't joined yet so I need to bring 10$ for the under 18yrs subscription and a plate of food right?
  10. You want to have about half land half water. (the water needs to be dechlorinated.) you can feed them aphids, (from the garden) wingless fruit flys (avalible from the pet shop, culture your own my putting small peices of bannana and apple in the tub) and will also eat daphnia (a type of aquatic micro organisim) but daphnia should just suppliment the diet because some juvenile newts won't wan't to get in to the water. the tank should be at a good size about two feet long for two adult newts. on and a half feet for just the one. they will need a mesh lid on their tank other wise they can escape. Thats just how I keep mine some people do it differently.
  11. where did the ants come from? instant life egg pouches aye? lolz
  12. from what I have seen of other peoples dragons they like to spend alot of time climbing so if you use lights or heat emmiters they get closer to the heat any way so under terrarium heat might be less effective? (don't take my word just somthing I noticed when watching them.)
  13. I uset to feed my rabit wheat bixin its food
  14. I had some a while ago.If you heat the water they can get quite big for brine shrimp (1 1/2 cms some times)
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