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Merry Fishmas to everyone! Hope you all had a nice Christmas day.

My grandson got an aquarium, much to his delight. They used to have a tropical one (and his mum keeps frogs) but got rid of it when they moved (after quake mess in other house) but 8 year old has been asking for some time now and loves feeding my fish when they're here. Will be just cold water this time, probably with a couple of fancy goldfish as it isn't big enough for more. The boys have been with their aunty since school finished then brought straight up to our region so the parents, at home, had time to set it all up while they weren't there to see. He opened an empty box on Christmas day but was quickly assure the actual tank was already set up at home and waiting for him to choose a fish when they get home (heading home today). They (he and his little brother) have always liked helping do water changes so know how to look after fish.

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