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WTB Reptiles


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Im looking to buy any reptiles either bearded dragons or blue tounges to replace the breeders i lost in last weeks storms i lost 8 animals along with 2 of my tropical tanks due to heavy snow and rain and strong winds wiping out my power supply for a couple of days  also keen to look for some leopard geckos i have set ups ready to go each set up now has it on generator so no more power loss over winter and outdoor set ups for summer  but im also keen to buy full set ups if anyone has any for the right price i am in a remote part of  otago so i will to travel to pick up so would perfer somewhere close but could travel as far as christchurch to pick up 


thank you 


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On 8/11/2022 at 8:56 AM, livingart said:

Surprising that you lost reptiles as if set up properly they should go into brumation ans sleep for a few months if needed.

they were not in brumation yet as i was holding back following a late breeding and then everything crashed lost most of my fish as well as my reptiles i moved from a warmer area early this year so was still adjusting my set ups to cope with cooler temps hopefully getting some imports as customs and mpi have granted my applications just waiting on doc approval so should have have from my facility in Australia but would like some in the meantime both my indoor and outdoor summer set ups all now have there auxiliary power source to stop this from happening in future 

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