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Starting a Ornamental fish breeding business?


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I have been trying to find out about fish farms/breeding in New Zealand as I would love to start up my own small business in this area. However when ever I talk to MPI, DOC, Fisheries they all send me in circles and can not provide any information about the requirements for a ornamental farm. They say on MPI website if you breed and sell you need a farming licence, however no ornamental fish are on that list only edible fish, and none of the people involved can tell me if I need one for goldfish and tropical.
I have a few stunning fish that have been out of the breeding circle for quite a few years and as such have wonderful genetics.
I am wondering if you could give me help with regards to what you need to operate a ornamental fish farm?

What kinds of compliance, consents ect would I need?


I should also mention this wont be a super huge farm, mainly just selling off any babies while feeding my large addiction to fish. I have nearing 200 pet goldfish at the moment and would probably keep a large number of fish just as the hobby. 


A little about me
When I was 22 I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, this explained a lot of things that had effected me earlier in life and still affect me to this day. One of the biggest problems I face is that I struggle to work with other people or for other people. This has led to many attempted jobs that ultimately spiral into chaos. How ever I can not stand to not be self sufficient and this has led me to the conclusion that  I need to create a working environment for myself. I took the bull by the horns and recently passed my Certificate in Small business Management in the hope that it will bring me a step further forward. 
My passion for fish has been with me since I was a toddler, and it is this passion that I want to use to provide me with a business.  
I am lucky enough that my parent have a large farm and would be willing to let me establish my own business on this land so I can progress forward.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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You do not need any permits from MPI or MAF to breed and sell goldfish or approved tropical fish. You may need a resource consent from your local council if you wish to sell to the public. It would cover such things as car parking if it was required. I have in the past bred 50000 tropical fish per year but I sold them all wholesale to retailers so there were no problems with car parking etc.

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Awesome thank you soo much for your help. I would be setting up well away from rivers and spreading the waste water onto pasture so no risk of getting into waterways. This is so nice to hear that I don't have to jump through all the hoops I had thought I would. 

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I used to have a friend in Otautau who bred goldfish commercially in 8+ large Para pools. He had them in a paddock. He used to go rabbit shooting and hang the carcasses over the ponds. As the meat attracted maggots the maggots would feed then drop into the ponds, acting as an automated fish feeder. :-)

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