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Silverdollarboy's Fighter Tank


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Hi, if you can get a picture of them flareing (hold a mirror up to them and they will), we'll be able to tell if they halfmoon, super delta or delta.

In terms of rarity, "Killer" is a common red/blue crowntail with severely broken fin tips. Does he spend much time against that grate? If he does, the current might be too much for him.

The white one (I can't see his tail that well) looks to have a few red spots on him, and rather messy fins. Maybe slightly uncommon because of the white? But not much above the ones usually weekly imported to Animates.

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Killer looks like a pretty tough guy. But yeah as Sam said it looks like hes damaged his rays

The lighting is pretty bright on the new one so we cant see much of his colour but looking at his face it appears that he has some dragon in him

Are his fins orange or yellow?

Tail wise he looks vt or delta (cant really see the tail rays in this photo) both tail types are common though.

But if you can get a side on flaring picture we will know for sure what he is :D

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It's not always. It depends on the type of algae. Some appear when there's too much nutrients in the water, or too much light, or when the tank is just going through it's cycling process.

This one is probably just from new tank syndrome. Just keep up the water changes (maybe do 30% every week rather than once every two weeks), and keep the substrate nice and tidy so dirt doesn't build up. If it gets really bad, cover the tank up completely for three days (the fish will be fine without food for this long), and the worst of the algae should die off.

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