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  1. Do discus only breed with the same type of discus? :f77:
  2. Hope so too. Post some pics of him?
  3. Can you get the images working?
  4. Thanks, This is the one i was looking for!
  5. What types of pet turtles do we get in NZ other than red eared and snake neck?
  6. Why aren' my babies growing??? HELP!
  7. willpagenz


    What do yours look like?
  8. Do you want to sell any of hose awesome fish or know where to get some like them porque quiero!
  9. willpagenz


    Can I trust AquaBid??? :fshi:
  10. I though killer was a crowntail and the other a veil... I have the same problem with algae!!!
  11. What type of betta are you getting?
  12. I read something that said it was prohibited. And I found it on the council website...
  13. what other reptiles is there???
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