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Jag Pair First Spawn


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Hi everyone !!

Thought I'd introduce myself by sharing my latest spawn , My young jags have just spawned for the fist time i wasn't there to catch the action just the end. The male has now retreated and female is happy fanning eggs looks like a good haul for such a young pair too.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkbMXBMJ ... e=youtu.be

I hope you can see the eggs through the shaky video and horrible glare.

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Yip have had many spawns disappear overnight and this being there first spawn I'm really not expecting them to make it past wriggling stage I'm just happy they didn't kill each other trying lol. Had to separate them for about a week while she healed up after he try to get her to spawn about a month ago.

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I'd would rather do as Ive done with all my other pairs I leave them too it and eventually they get the hang of it normally only takes a couple of tries. I always find it more enjoyable watching them doing all the work :o Besides there's already fry in my grow out tank and they would just have breakfast lol

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