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  1. Just in case someone was interested, i cam across this on my usual "Darwin" trawl over Trademe. Lake Victoria focus http://www.trademe.co.nz/books/nonfiction/other/auction-1141515694.htm
  2. Moving these on, pleco books in mint condition medical book in used condition, can ship. Looking for $80ono for the 3 pleco books and $20ono for the medical book. Pm any interest
  3. Have a mint condition copy for sale $50 free freight nz wide
  4. Im just looking for interest pm offers im out of the fish trade but am finding it hard to part with these books. Freight is free Nz Wide
  5. If anyone is interested i Have a blue tongue who id like to pair up with another in order to identify gender. If anyone is interested please message me. Located in Henderson area.
  6. With the size of your Panaques David this would be simply an appetizer lol
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