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Flowerhorn Frys"


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loading as much live food as possible in there may help

daphnia, blood worms, mosquito wrigglers

also seperating into different sizes

+1, also more hidey holes as if they are eating eachother then they need their own holes, try a heap of pvc piping cut up into small bits, works well with Synspillums anyways

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keep them full, have very very strong and good bio filtratoin.

they will stop eating each other if they are full.

lots of brine shrimp and crushed pellets soaked in water.

i fed mine crushed hikari sticks and massivore, soaked in water so it doesnt expand in their stomach and pour it in, they readily accept this

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thxs for the great tips every1,

I find that lighting is do with keep their agro down as well,

I only visted once a day, so feeding them is less than usally.

I place a board over front panel to keep it dark, and only turn on light when feeding time.\

Still got a good 80%

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