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Festae x Kamfa


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Why would you intentionally cross a beautiful fish with an ugly fish? At best you're likely to get fry that aren't quite as ugly. :slfg:

I have fallen deep into the dark shadow of flowerhorn making...

Whatever the out come of crossbreeding flowerhorn i will love it!! !drool:

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Get the pearls from the flowerhorn and the red from the festae... nice.

Should get one of the blue imported flowerhorns in there next!!

i was hoping getting an outcome of red dragon kamfa.. :slfg:

Break down:

festae x low grade Kamfa = festae mixed Kamfa

festae/kamfa x back to F1 kamfa= low grade Red Dragon Kamfa :slfg:

growing out:

silky Thai/ vietnam tiger kamfa the import stock we got from hff..

silky Thai/ vietnam tiger kamfa x low grade Red Dragon kamfa = !#@% has to be a REd Dragon Flowerhorn!! hope not retard.. :sml2: :sml2:

1year crossbreeding

+1year grow out ( festae mixed Kamfa)

+1year crossbreeding

+1year growout (low grade Red Dragon Kamfa)

+1year crossbreeding

=5years final product! @%$$#! OMG!!!

:slfg: :slfg: :slfg:

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