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Found 7 results

  1. Fully grown albino rainbow shark Came with a community tank, but doesn't fit with the fish I want to stock. He/she is approx 15cm. Needs a tank of 200L+ with similar sized fish Pick up only in Paekakariki (Kapiti)
  2. Hi Welly Fishkeepers. I live on the South Coast and my great pond snails (Lymnaea stagnalis) were all wiped out when a rogue wave displaced all my pond water (most of the goldfish were saved ) . I was wondering if any of you have some to spare? I'm after large ones as my goldfish are a decent size and eat all of the small ones. Alternatively does anyone know where to collect some wild in the Wellington region? Cheers Bert 🐌
  3. Former owner used to breed fish, these glass fish tanks (about 20) have not been used in 10 years, just wondering if anyone would have a use for them
  4. Hi all, I'd like to re-home my spiny eel. Have had it for a few years. It's about 20cm long, and fairly friendly. Currently hanging out with clown loaches - they get along well but do your homework for other species combinations Looking for about $20 I guess - price is not so important to me, just want it looked after! Pick up only.
  5. Hi Everyone, Newbie here, have been doing tropical off and on since I was a young child. Currently studying at my PhD at Victoria University in Biomedical sciences and decided I'd get into a side project that isn't my research. So this is where I am at, decided to dive in the deep end and start my own reef tank (missus is keen on having a coral feature tank and is excited along with me), I bought a aquaone nano 40 and have read a fair bit already on the actual setting up the aquarium etc. See below for what I have bought so far, also planning on getting 1 k.g. of live rock from the Petone store next weekend. Basically just looking for any advice from those that have conducted a nano reef tank build before. Questions I have so far: 1. Can anyone recommend a good light? Been contemplating either getting this http://www.fish-street.com/coral_box_bee_led_lighting Coral box Bee or http://www.micmol.com/aquamini.html Micmol Aqua mini 2. Haven't done too much research into what corals I would like. Can anyone recommend some that will produce some amazing fluro colours under light? 3. Anyone have any experience with what protein skimmers I could get that will fit the aquaone 40 that will be decent? I've got a cheap Resun one to do for now but am contemplating getting a kent nano skimmer. I was hoping to get a Tunze Nano 9002 DOC Protein Skimmer but it appears nowhere sells them anymore. 4. Any tips, advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys
  6. For Sale or/and Trade: Ottocinclus Catfish $10 (SOLD) Med. Common Pleco (20ish cm) $20 - Beautiful patterning. Royal Panaque Pleco (8ish cm) $120 - The most awesome looking of all the plecos imo. Actual colour is amazing, looks like hes more greenish colour. Clown Loaches x2 (10+ish cm) $80 - Big with bright colours. Fire Eel (30ish cm) $100 - Very large, fat/thick fish and really stunning. Let me know what you have, mainly looking for Angels, Veiltails would be good. Or Whiptails, Cories, Flying foxes, Longfin bristlenoses, Keyhole cichlid. But anything considered. Also plants (not too delicate) Can ship but prefer pickup if possible. Not sure on shipping prices but have sent thousands of fish all over Nz (north & south) without a loss. Sorry no photos. Pm me or best to email mysticvampyre@xtra.co.nz 021 264 2882
  7. *+* Large Fishtank 8ftx2ftx2ft (1000L) *+* I WILL THROW IN 2x 4FT LIGHTS & TUBES! *can be used for Tropical fish, Marine fish, Coldwater fish, Reptiles, Lizards, Water dragon, Blue tongue, Bearded dragon, Leopard gecko, Big fish, Community fish, Goldfish, Breeding, Rats, Mice, Plants etc* **PLEASE READ AUCTION FULLY!** May need to be re-sealed with abit of silicon for safety if used for fish. - Big Glass Fishtank. (top tank only not bottom tank) - Full metal stand. - Professionally made by the best tankmaker in Wellington. - 8ft long x 2ft wide x 2ft high. - Stand is around 800mm high. - 10mm glass. - Double based for protection. - half lids but you can easily get more cheap. - Black tape around glass to save glass from being chipped (but you can remove this) - Poly under tank. (Tank has no cracks at all. Only a few scratches near the ends of the tank but shouldnt be seen once filled) (TANK & STAND ONLY NO ACCESSORIES!) - Pick up only in Tawa. - Please bring the right amount of cash as l have no change. - Any questions please just ask. (You will need 8-10 good lifting people to move it as its heavy. We have about 4ppl here to help. Has to go out and down a few concrete steps to the driveway. You can get a truck or large trailer down the drive. Please pay before uplifting as it will be your responsiblilty once you move it. PLEASE READ FULLY! Thank you! :-)
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