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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, this is my first post on here but I have been lurking for a while. Does anyone know any cuc/clean up crew that we are allowed here in nz/ can collect for reef tanks that eat algae apart from the turbo snail? I know we can have the longspine urchin but im reluctant because of their sting - my tank is 130x68x35cm. Also I know there are tangs and stuff but I don't really want any in my aquarium for feeding and size reasons. Does anyone know if Dardanus Gemmatus/Jeweled anenome hermit crab eats algae?? Needs to be reef safe and good with 24 degree water
  2. Hi Everyone, Newbie here, have been doing tropical off and on since I was a young child. Currently studying at my PhD at Victoria University in Biomedical sciences and decided I'd get into a side project that isn't my research. So this is where I am at, decided to dive in the deep end and start my own reef tank (missus is keen on having a coral feature tank and is excited along with me), I bought a aquaone nano 40 and have read a fair bit already on the actual setting up the aquarium etc. See below for what I have bought so far, also planning on getting 1 k.g. of live rock from the Petone store next weekend. Basically just looking for any advice from those that have conducted a nano reef tank build before. Questions I have so far: 1. Can anyone recommend a good light? Been contemplating either getting this http://www.fish-street.com/coral_box_bee_led_lighting Coral box Bee or http://www.micmol.com/aquamini.html Micmol Aqua mini 2. Haven't done too much research into what corals I would like. Can anyone recommend some that will produce some amazing fluro colours under light? 3. Anyone have any experience with what protein skimmers I could get that will fit the aquaone 40 that will be decent? I've got a cheap Resun one to do for now but am contemplating getting a kent nano skimmer. I was hoping to get a Tunze Nano 9002 DOC Protein Skimmer but it appears nowhere sells them anymore. 4. Any tips, advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated Thanks guys
  3. Hi All First post on here, and quite excited to learn from peoples points of view and understanding of aquariums. Ive been in the fish hobby for 2 years now, ran smaller freshwater aquarium with guppies, mollys, tetras, danios & cichlids. My girlfriend bought me a Aquaone aquastyle 980T (245L or 62 gallons) tank & stand . Im looking to go FOWLR saltwater tank intially. But as i dwell more into the topic and gain a better understanding from reading & surfing the net. I eventually want to add corals. From what I see with the tank I have now is: 1: There is no slot for the skimmer - Would it be best to cut away part of the back of the filtration set up and try fit a skimmer in? 2: Is dry/wet filtration adequate to run - Would i need to get rid of the whole built in filtration and go with a canister? allowing me to run the skimmer also? I would put a perspex top of this area and cut holes for the lines to go into the water. If anyone has adapted these photos would be great, i saw a post on here but could not access the photos. 3: Is the standard lighting in a aquaone aquastyle 980T no adequate for corals? or is it rather the position of the lighting sitting at the front of the tank the problem? - If i removed this I would have a full open top aquarium, i much prefer having the light setup at the front and remove the filtration so it looks tidier. 4. Soft corals, and beginner corals - Ive heard a few mixed reviews as per what lighting requirements these so called beginner soft corals need, would the factory lighting in the 980T provide enough light for these? Would a change of purple to blue shaded light help? or be capable enough to sustain coral life in the tank? 5. Is it necessary to have a sump - If my filtration and skimmer are up to par is it necessaary to have a sump, ive spent good money on a good heater also. 6. How many fish & what types - Ive been to a few fish stores and been told different quantities of fish to buy, From what I have taken from it, i would get 5 fish in total. I also want to add a cleaning shrimp. Would a shrimp sway the biological load in the tank to have 1 less fish? I was potentially looking at a pair of clowns, fire fish, possibly a mandarin/green dragonet. Any other unique looking fish that is quite passive? 7. Dimensions of tank & fish - Further to the question above, could i potentially keep a tang, or butterfly fish in my tank. Its dimensions are 99W x 47D x 86H cm I currently have bought all the equipment necessary to start my FOWLR tank, just need to cure my live rock for a few weeks. I would love to hear anyone's input, as the amount of information from the internet can be alot to take on. And i guess i wouldnt be the first person whos tried to adapt this type of tank before. Waiting in anticipation =) AquaCraig
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