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Found 4 results

  1. Fully grown albino rainbow shark Came with a community tank, but doesn't fit with the fish I want to stock. He/she is approx 15cm. Needs a tank of 200L+ with similar sized fish Pick up only in Paekakariki (Kapiti)
  2. Hi all, have a big bag full of dwarf sag to give away - prob enough to carpet a 2 x 2 foot area. These are now out of my tank and sitting in a Ziploc bag, so will start to die before too long. Just sold my tank (boo) and the buyer didn't want the plants. Disclaimer - there may be snails and algae in there. Pick up from te atatu peninsula, let me know if you want them. Best to get me via text, 0210528720. Jay
  3. I have a bright orange young sword tail who has been living in a quarantine tank since being removed from the group tank. I keep a bristle nose in each tank to keep them, clean, and he and a mean female were picking on the poor catfish in spite of being fed possibly too much anyway. Her highness got shown the exit, she'd had a batch of fry so she lives on through them, but she was downright mean and its rubbed off on him so I cant re-introduce him back into my other tanks. The tank is heated around 26 deg and has clean water, he's happy if for a lot of skittish boredom. The white spots on him are a combination of my ever so noobish fish photographer skills and the little waterfall bubbles. it only occurs to me now that i could have turned the filter off. Ah well, I always let new fish have a couple of days in a safe space so the plague can really blossom before letting them in my other tanks. I expect you do too. Pickup Massey, or can meet somewhere.
  4. I have a pretty large male bristlenose which was a surprise inheritance with a new tank. I gave him a go, but it's not working out so he's free to a good home!
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