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  1. Could you send me some photos
  2. It works out to be 1008 litre, and in us gallons it's 266
  3. Would the 180 x 80 x 70 tank still be fine to house 4-6 tangs?
  4. Never mind she definitely doesn't want a tank that size in the lounge so I have to go with the 180 x 80 x 70 tank. Do you know what the cost would be to remove my window and then get it reinstalled, if it's not to expensive I might go with the larger tank
  5. So would the those 3 tangs most likely get along in the 500 litre tank. I've done a bit of plying around with the rock work so I'll try to get a photo up of that. For the big tank build I dicided if the tank is going on my room it would only be 180 in length by 70cm in height and 80 cm front to back otherwise I can fit it through my door so I'll have to remove my window which I'm worried will cost a lot considering I'm only 14 years old. Tonight when my mum gets back I'm going to try to convince her to let me set up a large tank in the lounge? Probably 240 x 90 x 70
  6. I'm leaning towards having 3 tangs, kole tang, mimic lemon peel tang and a sailfin tang. Would they be fine together I'm just not sure if the sailfin will outgrow the tank. I'm already planning to get a bigger tank within the next year or so, the bigger tank will be 240cm by 90cm by 76cm. I might make it a bit smaller on the height and potentially on the width but I really like the 3ft width.
  7. So I'm new to the saltwater community, this is going to be my first tank. The tank is (L)140cm by (H)60 by (W)60 with a sump that is 120cm by 50cm by 45cm. The tank is going to be a reef tank, for stocking im going to have 2 clowns, 3-5 chromis, 1 copperband butterflyfish, 1 kole tang. What other tangs can I keep with the kole tang, I was thinking maybe a purple tang but they're a bit on the pricey side, what tangs would you recommend??
  8. dosing flourish and exel on the 50ltr and rio 125 going to be getting pressurised co2 on all the tanks and gonna be setting up my 540 ltr high tech tank soon
  9. http://m.imgur.com/KANv6Pb,2d70eeN,NmcGy50 looking for advise on what I should change. 400ltr Angel tank, sand with clay rio 125 tetra tank, sand, dirt, fluorite and clay 50ltr to be beta tank, heaps of clay
  10. Hi these are my tanks that I have setup at the moment please ignore this it won't let me upload any photos
  11. Yea I'm really considering getting a school of about 50 rummys, they're one of my favourite fish
  12. would like to buy a bunch of aquarium plants don't mind to much, just not looking for any moss or twisted val pm if you have anything available please
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