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  1. I'm really really keen on cories, I'm in Blenheim so would need them shipped
  2. zuri08


    Wanting to get my tank filled out some more. After anything really
  3. So I got a new aqua one tank. Has 4x 24w t5 bulbs in it. None are ho, just standard. Where is the cheapest place to buy new bulbs? I'm located in Blenheim
  4. We are heading over to Nelson tommorow, and hoping I could buy some fish off a local. Looking for bristlenose, tetras,Barb's, Rams,kribs etc etc. Just community fish Plants also would be good. Maybe text me 0211424890
  5. Any chance i could buy these and have someone pick them up?
  6. Is camtang still around?Did he get his awesome garage decked out?
  7. Any fish shops in nelson? Might be heading that way shortly so would like to have a look whats there
  8. Hi thanks to caryl i have a small tank im going to try setup.Would anyone in blenheim have some plants/fish to get me started?Tropical please
  9. Weird i had a similiar issue when we lived out in drury in auckland.I lost most of my large males that were 10+ years old and all my oranas. I started feeding in spring too so maybe its the greediness and they are getting blocked up. My big ones that died were 30cms
  10. Ah assumed you were using ceramics.But still the surface area is whats needed to hold that bacteria and unless your fishless and tank is completely stocked with plants i wouldnt reccommend it
  11. Looks like a bacterial bloom to me.All part of the cycling process
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