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  1. I don't think I will be attending since it is not queens birthday weekend
  2. I flew air nz I didn't want it to go through x-ray so have it to security, who then checked with air nz boarding staff, who said no, and confirmed it with someone else by phone I was so gutted
  3. Right... this is for all those that would like to take fish with them on Planes DON'T previously i have taken fish on planes as carry on luggage and just passed the bag to security so it doesn't get scanned and they give it back..... simple, no problems. However this time security gave it to Air NZ personnel to see if it was ok.... they said NO. they even rang someone higher up and they said NO So end of story, poor fish was flushed. &c:ry
  4. oopsss I mean Saturday 16th May at 10.00am My Place
  5. AFA is holding theirs this Saturday 14th May
  6. I will not be able to make the Exec meeting on Friday, Don't fly into welly till 10pm
  7. AFA is yet to have our AGM in May. Delegates will be provided after our AGM.... sorry if this causes issues
  8. As a side note. I have mailed out the Club cards to members today, you should receive them before the weekend.
  9. At the moment you are able to purchase a navman or Tomtom from The Warehouse for around NZ $100 with lifetime map updates www.thewarehouse.co.nz Would be better than to buy a map for an old gps. The GPS I got for my wife is a tomtom Go600 which costs about $350, and provides live traffic update, provided you have bluetooth teethering on your phone.
  10. rson The a is silent :bggrn:
  11. good luck on the breeding. Great news to see that the chocolate australe is not lost. Chocolates are my favourite Killie. Managed to breed the jumping tendancies out of them too.
  12. wicked, keep it up :happy1:
  13. Sorry guys I can't make it to this meeting. Family matter to deal with. I can still drop off a chocolate cake on Saturday if you want. Cheers Paul
  14. currently AFA have no fixed meeting times. We aim to be flexible so that we can cater for most members.
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