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  1. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I did water changes on 3 tanks. nothing different to usual. About an hour later I'm watching my fish die. Lost an entire colony of Demasoni, A tank full of young and juvenile tangs, all my daffodils which were starting to breed nicely and their babies. The big africans lay on the bottom for a while but then came right. Put that down to a big tank = large volume of water and lots of filtration. I wonder if water services or whatever had just dosed or overdosed with chlorine and it was bad timing
  2. Deno

    Rock sources PN

    carry on through to Wanganui...I'll hook you up with some rocks
  3. definitely true. who wouldn't believe a story like that?
  4. I told her to wait while I start the computer, took about 15 minutes to make and drink a coffee then told her to P>>> OFF
  5. Deno

    External Filters

    little or no difference I'd say. It comes down to preference really. Do you want to run 2 filters? Only down side would be more power usage I suppose. With 2 filters you can filter water from both ends of the tank and adjust your water movement to suit.
  6. I'm pretty sure a fighter is not compatible with gouramis
  7. assuming you have adequate filtering in your tank, try some large water changes for a start. It could just be that the nitrites have got a bit on the high side. Don't know how heavily stocked your tank is or if you overfeed. If that doesn't fix it then you may have to look at parasites
  8. you might find bits of carrot floating around your tank, it seems to be some fishes least favourite ingredient
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