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  1. Yes I brought some from this man. But only has Blk eye Koi swords. thanks JaSa
  2. I will check. I got some really great Blk eye ones from down maybe Taranakaki ? Starts with T. TOP TRADER of Koi swords etc. I will highly recommend buying of the MAN.
  3. Any one got them for sale.
  4. Lots of Albino baby lyre tails at the bird Barn last week.
  5. It might Die from all the meds before any history breaking eye surgery can take place. Ice the parts. In theory eye should just pop out ? long nose fine clamp pliers to hold below were cutting. Cut & cauterizing with a burning insent stick. Then release. Sounds pretty easy and all equipment needed is in most homes or can buy from cheap shop. History is made. OR A BLOODY GREAT MESS and one very sore FISHY. After Furan 2 its most probably dieing of some thing completely different right now. fish are a bit like chickens. Nasty creatures that seam to enjoy inflicting plenty of pain on to each other with eye losses being a common thing with no surgical equipment other then their beaks.
  6. Yes. If they were to cut it out with a sharp knife. Ice would be the best home handy ready pain relief before surgery takes place. As is still used on certain parts of anatomies instead of numbing jells or injections. Fast and efficient.
  7. I do not know how to spell Cauterizing ? To stop from bleeding and festering to much.
  8. Good to see its getting better. Would salt have worked.
  9. BURN

    Raising guppy fry

    I feed mine WINNA DOG ROLL.
  10. :rotf: People have been locked away for that amount of THC. FACT.
  11. doesn't Lettuce contain about 3% THC. Puts Rabbits in slow mode stoned off their face.
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