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  1. Hi what plants can I get for a PH 7.6 thank you
  2. Is it possible to put Daltons Aquatic compost in an aquarium then sand on top for plants has any one done that before
  3. fishgirl53

    Led Lights

    Hi I have a tank 1.800 long by 600 high 600 deep holds 600 ltrs I want to grow plants with a few cold water fish which led light would you suggest thank you
  4. Thank you for your reply I have a sump for filtration I know goldfish like to sift around in sand was told to be careful with gravel as it can get stuck in there mouths i have more sand than coral will do more home work on the subject
  5. Hi I have a 600ltr tank use to have cichlids thinking going into fancy goldfish will I be able to use silica sand and crushed coral that I had for the cichlids for the goldfish any other help would be appreciated what home made cooked food can I feed them thanks
  6. Hi I am thinking of going into a planted tank with some goldfish I have a sump my main tank holds 600ltrs will this work ok or could some of the plants come away and block the pipe my pipe is a good size one and a half inches
  7. I want to be able to put my fry in the pump section of my sump I have a Jecod pump am I able to get a filter protection to put over the water intake or would that restrict the pump too much thanks
  8. thank you I feel much better now
  9. Can anyone tell me if I need to worry about air bubbles on the edge of the silicon holding my tank together Greg built the tank so I am guessing I have nothing to worry about its about 4yrs old
  10. I think I know what happened my other male dolphin had the same I think they had a massive fight and their wounds got infected my other fish are all fine the 2 male dolphins died
  11. Hi ammonia is 0 nitrite 0 PH between 7.8 and 8 nitrate 10 thanks
  12. Hi does anyone know what this is on my dolphins skin I have had him for several years it look red on the edges any help would be appreciated thanks
  13. Hi I had one of my female blue dolphins stuck in one of thoes cichlid breeding caves I had to pull her out backwards some damage was done on top of her head and looks like underneath as well she is now swimming upside down I have her isolated do you think she will come right in time or would I be best to put her out of her missery thanks
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