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  1. hey Kerikeri people. I just lost all my fish due to an ammonia spike. Starting again. Anyone got any guppy fry?
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. Although the puffers look awesome we would prefer a good mix of fish so they wont be suitable Thanks
  3. Hi All Its my daughters first birthday coming up and the wife is keen on a fish tank. Its been 6 years since I last had a tank and it seems a lot has changed. Looking at getting a standard glass tank 610 x 380 x 460 or 610 x 460 x 460 Wife wants to get Pufferfish that she saw in Hollywood Albany. Are these easy to look after and how many can you put in a 100L tank? What other fish are they suitable with? Im keen on growing plants so keen on getting a decent light setup. What are all these LED Light setups like? What are some recommendations for filters? For heater I like the look of the Fluval E 100Watt Other than that any suggestions?
  4. Had one once but it died after a couple of weeks. No idea why.
  5. looking through google it was some sort of swim bladder infection? Water tests were fine. Wasnt eaten. No chemicals added to tank. really sudden, yesterday he was fine eating bloodworms.
  6. Sad sad day. Elephant nose died today. Found him when I got home from work upside
  7. are you allowed to collect and sell eels privately?
  8. i had some for about 3 months, well babies. tank got damaged by a soccer ball while i was away and they died
  9. ********** PROBLEM SOLVED ************************ Thanks for the help guys. KH was my problem. Hollywood albany sold me some KH Booster Got my KH up and now my ph seems to be hang around 6.8
  10. Shut off you mains if possible. then when they turn it on, hold out for a bit and let the neighbours flush the pipes and take all the dirty stuff. Turn your hot water cylinder tap off if possible. Turn your bath and shower on and any taps around the place. Turn your mains back on. Everything should flush pretty quick
  11. ok, just went out and bought a kh/gh test kit so heres the results from my first test GH 60mg/L = soft KH Below 10 mg/L (oh dear) ????? so, this looks bad?? What should I do, i was in such a hurry in the shop i didnt ask any questions lol
  12. yeah, im not to worried its just that its always sat at 6.6 and now all of a sudden its 6.
  13. stocking seems to be fine. tap is around 7.5 have tested kh, should I be ?
  14. filter is built in. cleaned often. its never been blocked. Substrate is a reddy small rock, got it from lfs
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