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    Thanks - I added the rest of the bucket that had been sitting and they werent interested so it probably was the new cooler water. They really are great fun to watch.
  2. Hi everyone - my eldest managed to keep a couple of shrimp for a year with very little attention. Recently we set up a small WCMM tank and my youngest got her sights set on getting some shrimp for the tank... so we went down to our spot and after 15 seconds had a couple of scoops worth - actually a few more than I intended. Anyway, they have been rocking along for the last week and I decided to do a small water change. Now something important to know - our water supply is now treated with MIOX - chlorine - something I have never had to deal with, we used to get warnings about chlorine dosing so I just skipped doing a water change. Anyway, after slowly putting about 1 litre of fresh out of the tap water in the shrimp got really busy... I have been feeding everyone twice a day and at about the same time.. but I'm wondering if it was Cool water More O2 Miox Dinner time The tank is small, and for lighting I'm using a re-purposed computer screen that I intend replacing with LED's this weekend.
  3. Just be careful - I have a couple of little red laser pointers that the cat & dog love... I also have a couple of "gruntier" lasers that they shy away from... just green ones but as soon as one hits the tank, all the fish go into hiding. I suspect the UV light they are bleeding is massive.
  4. Just curious - I remember finding FW crabs as a kid in the bay of islands... would they be compatible with WCMMs? My kids have just set up their first tank with a few WCMMS and I was wondering if crabs would be compatible - or ever been seen again? Are they even worth any effort - ie do they ever come out?
  5. Going to dig more out if anyone local wants some - willing to ship in exchange for carnivorous plants!
  6. LOL - I gotta post another photo before some keyboards get worn out... Its a lot different in water, and the stuff at the back of the tank can even get blown straight by the water pumps Excuse the crappy photos, I really dont think it was worth time getting the actual camera out. Ps theres heaps more again if anyone in nth canty wants any
  7. Just bought this from an LFS - looks like a spider plant to me - perhaps an inverted one of these https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/1-plants/34-Chlorophytum-bichetii- http://imgur.com/a/dDe9z[/img]
  8. I know this is a massive Necro - but are there any Carnie groups still running? I was a member of the NZCPS a couple of decades ago with a pretty big collection and am keen to get back into them. Just a little harder in North Canty, the air is dry, sun hot and water hard.
  9. Sorry ghostknife - I'm tied up with work (earthquake stuff) so simply cant get to the post office when its open. Not sure how long it would sit around for in the post shop either..
  10. Pickup only, just hacked back my tank so have a large clump if anyone wants it.. Master plant purchased from a Rangiora LFS about a year ago - but I never cared to learn its proper name. Pickup today/possibly tomorrow night from Amberley, North Canterbury. [EDIT] forum didnt like my photo, will add another link.. http://imgur.com/a/AOvPh
  11. Possibly posting similar comments less than an hour apart, as well as starting off a post with "Don't go saying"?
  12. Please point me to the part of my post that got you so riled up.
  13. Thanks Ira - thats both good & bad - good because I'll probably save money, bad because I was planning on gluing the old one up & using it as a water cooling reservoir for my PC. I'll strip it down in the weekend and see if I can find all the o-rings etc that need replacing.
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