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  1. a few glitches .. like I lost my avatar .. but yeah 👍
  2. Large pleco - 250-300mm free Pickup only from Hamilton Bring your own container as seen here:
  3. 1x 1400L monster tank 1x 300L community planted tank 1 x 500L African tank (brand new, just started, and first time doing africans)
  4. Yo, I could be keen on the dat. I have a few juveniles currently (Giant Gourami, Silver Aro, Flagtail, Clown Knife). How is the temperament ? I currently have them growing in a 600L, and I'm picking up a 1400L on Saturday (wish me luck with moving) Reply here, or email me paul@paulwillard.nz
  5. help, I mis-measured while building a tank stand .. dumb ! Now looking for a tank to be made. Harder than I expected finding someone to help, can anyone direct me to some who can help? North half of north island (I'm based in Hamilton)
  6. mmm I have lots 'o' plants .. but nothing expensive ... I guess I get the drugs, or kill the plants
  7. TerminalAddict


    I'm nearing 97% sure I have a blue/green algae infection. Where would I find this Erythromycin ?
  8. Recntly I converted my tank to a planted scape which is working perfect. I emptied the whole thing, and put in about an inch of substrate, bought 5 bulbs, and have just got co2 feed in the last week. Couple of things bother me. 1. I have an amazon sword that is about 1 foot high, but is still in its "basket" that was in when purchased. Is there a nice way of securing plants to the ground? 2. My tank is nearly 2 foot deep, any clever tips on how to work with plants when I can't reach the bottom of the tank?
  9. arowanas and gouramis make excellent tank mates. I had exactly this combo for 3 years. (not all the same fish tho') I must say, try and feed them seperately. I had my aro and gourami fighting for food, and I ended up with an agressive gourami
  10. please !!! I missed it I've got space, and plenty of bandwidth if you need somewhere to host it
  11. TerminalAddict


    looks like I get a new addition on thursday http://www.trademe.co.nz/structure/auct ... d=23817245
  12. TerminalAddict


    no .. don't try trademe ... well not until after monday when I get an arowana :lol:
  13. how about tank mates? what do they mix with?
  14. I'm looking to trade down to perhaps a 5 footer factory made thingee I want to keep my distochodus, and find new home/s for my Gourami, 2 severums, 1 oscar, and 1 pleco. and put the distochodus in with a black arowana in a five footer
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