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  1. a few glitches .. like I lost my avatar .. but yeah 👍
  2. Large pleco - 250-300mm free Pickup only from Hamilton Bring your own container as seen here:
  3. 1x 1400L monster tank 1x 300L community planted tank 1 x 500L African tank (brand new, just started, and first time doing africans)
  4. Yo, I could be keen on the dat. I have a few juveniles currently (Giant Gourami, Silver Aro, Flagtail, Clown Knife). How is the temperament ? I currently have them growing in a 600L, and I'm picking up a 1400L on Saturday (wish me luck with moving) Reply here, or email me paul@paulwillard.nz
  5. help, I mis-measured while building a tank stand .. dumb ! Now looking for a tank to be made. Harder than I expected finding someone to help, can anyone direct me to some who can help? North half of north island (I'm based in Hamilton)
  6. mine started jumping at about 20cms. s/he gets fed frozen shrimp ($7 a bag from the supermarket) and a bag last about a month. s/he gets about 6 shrimp twice a week. They will grow out of food if you feed them too often. when they get older, 12 months or so, they will simply stop eating. My last aro stop eating when he was 40cms, and died after 4 weeks. No matter what I offered he wouldn't eat. I've since been told I may get a better life span if I feed less, hence why I only feed twice a week. I've got 6 fluros on my lid that is 8mm glass so I don't have a jumping problem, but I have when I had 6mm glass and no lights. If you mix the aro with other fish (probably cichlids) they may develop drop eye. no one seems to have an explaination what causes drop eye, but I've heard a few theories 1. mix with other fish and your aro spend his/her life looking down. 2. fat and carbs cause a secretion that eventually causes drop eye 3. why bother looiking up any way ?? If you want to have a social animal, start regular hand feeding, and personal interaction now, otherwise they will grow in to something that bites the hands off small children .. I have one of those ones Although s/he knows now, that I am a bigger fish than him/her, but doesn't regonise anybody else so assumes they are food Great pet !!!
  7. mmm I have lots 'o' plants .. but nothing expensive ... I guess I get the drugs, or kill the plants
  8. TerminalAddict


    I'm nearing 97% sure I have a blue/green algae infection. Where would I find this Erythromycin ?
  9. Recntly I converted my tank to a planted scape which is working perfect. I emptied the whole thing, and put in about an inch of substrate, bought 5 bulbs, and have just got co2 feed in the last week. Couple of things bother me. 1. I have an amazon sword that is about 1 foot high, but is still in its "basket" that was in when purchased. Is there a nice way of securing plants to the ground? 2. My tank is nearly 2 foot deep, any clever tips on how to work with plants when I can't reach the bottom of the tank?
  10. arowanas and gouramis make excellent tank mates. I had exactly this combo for 3 years. (not all the same fish tho') I must say, try and feed them seperately. I had my aro and gourami fighting for food, and I ended up with an agressive gourami
  11. please !!! I missed it I've got space, and plenty of bandwidth if you need somewhere to host it
  12. TerminalAddict


    looks like I get a new addition on thursday http://www.trademe.co.nz/structure/auct ... d=23817245
  13. TerminalAddict


    no .. don't try trademe ... well not until after monday when I get an arowana :lol:
  14. how about tank mates? what do they mix with?
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