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  2. I don't think I will be attending since it is not queens birthday weekend
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  4. Ok people, we have our venue booked. 😁 Heretaunga Boat Club on the Esplanade in Petone. 6th and 7th of June Now that we have a time and place, we are still needing an idea of numbers so we can plan what's going to be happening over the weekend and who may need to be billeted for the night 👍
  5. It maybe on here, or could be a hybrid.
  6. Hi All This chap came as part of a group of Sterbai. Now it is bigger it's clearly not one. Does anybody know what it is? Cheers Bert
  7. Last week
  8. What a setup mate! Great to see such setups in the Bay, goodluck with the sale
  9. Not only beautiful but so full of charactor. And seeing a redfin go from normal colours, as in the photo, to inky black in seconds is something to behold!
  10. How much salt to add, like what specific gravity or percentage salinity? Also do they need to be marine salt as opposed to aquarium salt?
  11. Mollies often do better with a bit of salt but your plants may not feel the same way
  12. Sorry you need to sell such a setup and sorry I can't buy it but I had to say what a beautiful fish that is.
  13. How would you rank them in order from the most simple to the most challenging to keep a breeding population going? In my experience, I have little to no trouble with keeping endler and platy going. My white-ish swordtails look like they're heading in the same direction with their fry growing up quick. It's the mollies I had trouble keeping for some reason, they don't seem to fare well as other livebearers in 200L tank full of java fern and moss. They just kind of slowly vanish without leaving any offsprings. Is there something specific to mollies care that I wasn't aware of? Supposedly their care should be same as for other livebearers, but it didn't feel like the case for me. Apart from guppy, platy, swordtails, mollies, and leopardfish, are there other type of livebearers available in New Zealand? I read about halfbeaks in older topic but I don't think I ever seen them in aquarium however. Gambusia is a major no-go for obvious reason
  14. Sadly needing to part with my native freshwater setup. My setup is an Aqua1 250L tank on plinth, though I run about 180L with rocks. That was $300. Custom made backdrop with planter $300. Eheim Classic 1000L/hr filter $490. Arctica chiller $1360. Eheim pump 1400-2100L/hr $330. Step down transformer for chiller $70. Total setup $2,850 plus. Would take $2,250. All about a year old. Hoses, intakes, etc included. Fish include three adult inanga, adult male redfin bully and juvenile redfin. All quarantined, water fully cycled. Fish and rocks from Wainui River, Southern HB. Hastings pickup only.
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  16. Do you find CF 1200 perform much better than the other two?
  17. Beautiful platys and mainly female swordtails for sale $2 each beautiful colours and Swordtails are a lovely orange Pick up from Upper Hutt Not selling for them to be fish food for other bigger fish want them to go to good homes
  18. livingart

    Axolotl help

    Leave it she should snort it out but if not a trip to the vet may be in order
  19. Yes social media has taken over it may go full circle yet
  20. Thanks Caryl. And of course I remember you too, I believe we once met at a pet store here in Christchurch. The forum seems to be a bit quieter than it was which is a shame but I'll certainly be popping in from time to time and put my 2 cents worth in where I can.
  21. It works. I had to reset my password but I'm back. Cheers.
  22. I have heard about this festival but not seen it as yet. One day ... The grandsons love the Christchurch event.
  23. Caryl

    Axolotl help

    Anyone out there able to help Shelby 77777777??
  24. Try cucumber too (make sure they have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals). I slice it into rings and thread the bits onto a plastic knitting needle with a fishing sinker in the middle to hold it down.
  25. Has this been set up yet Raymond? Would love to see what you do with it (unless you've sold it on of course)
  26. Usually costs to attend conference are kept as low as possible. Biggest outlay is usually transport and accommodation.
  27. Caryl

    Stocking New Tank

    A bit for a reply but I have not been here for a while (too busy). What about Congo tetras? I'm assuming you have a centrepiece now so what did you pick?
  28. Caryl

    Hi folks

    Welcome. I guess you might find the hobby a bit more limited here to what you are used to but still plenty to choose from.
  29. Caryl


    If it looks good to you then that is the main thing 🙂
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