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  1. Is anyone breeding or have for sale painted turtles or leaf turtles? I am in the Auckland area
  2. Has anyone got a old pond filter they can sell me in the Auckland region, Dairy Flat. Looking for the gravity box type, not interested in canister as that is what i'm using at the moment. uv sterilizer would be a plus but can live without. let me know
  3. Hello, has anyone got a solarmeter 6.5 in the Auckland area that I can borrow. This seems to be the most reliable meter to test UVB output in bulbs, I am going to be ordering one for myself but might take a few weeks to get here. Would be doing me a massive favour if someone already has one I can use to test some bulbs asap, Thank you.
  4. Hello, you will probably find if they are 24 watt t5's they will probably be high output. I think the standard in that size is 14watt , high output would be 24 watt. Also if I am wrong and the light unit runs standard bulbs then you cannot replace with high output.
  5. I am looking for some coastal bearded dragons, is there anyone with any for sale, or any that would be for sale in the future. I am based in Auckland but can travel to pick up.
  6. I am looking for a female hermans tortoise, I currently have a three year old girl and although she is thriving it would be nice to see her with some company in the future. I am based in Auckland.
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