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  2. Hi all. I'm looking for a small canister filter for my 21L tank. Anyone got anything lying around gathering dust. Thanks
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  4. I cannot speak from experience with these particular fish but understand these puffers come from a variety of different waterways with a wide variety of pH's - anything from 6.5 - 8.5. I have always said fish don't know what their pH is supposed to be but it helps if, at least at first, it matches the water from where you bought them, or is close to it. You then don't have to worry about shocking them with a sudden pH change. pH can be important if you're trying to breed a particular species but otherwise most species are fairly tolerant of quite a pH range.
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  6. Where are you based?
  7. hi there I really really want to get a bullie for my outside tank I have spent hours and hours trying to catch one but I just cant I have a little creek that is full to the brim with koura but no fish I went in different creeks but still nothing at all can you help me where I should search or anything will help?
  8. Should be okay, if too much flow point it at a wall to deflect the flow
  9. Opinions on running a wavemaker in this tank guys? Despite 50% weekly water changes and regular scraping I get buildup in the dead spots of the tank. I have a 5000LPH ehiem one is this overkill or will it be fine?
  10. Hi everyone, beginner fish keeper here! My LFS had got me changing my PH from 7.2-7.6 to roughly 6.8-7.0 prior to adding 8 pea puffers. I am just wonder if this a PH peas can live/thrive at as iv read they prefer higher PH's. Thanks!
  11. I have a suitable tank, thou l cant travel at the moment. Im in Tawa.
  12. Kribensis for sale for pickup only in Dunedin. $5 each
  13. Need to rehome my last 2 neons. About 1.5yr old. In Miramar, Wellington
  14. Hi 9 tropical species are on the import list https://aquariumworld.nz/databases/14-Tropical FWFishallowedinNZdatabase/ Some were available from Livin Reef in Christchurch recently but have sold out i think Natives can be kept but not sold without a permit
  15. Hey guys I'm currently on the hunt for some seahorses for a personal project. The last one I've seen for sale was back in 2014 so just making sure can still keep them. I'm based in nelson and don't know if I have to get wild or import or what. So any help appreciated
  16. Sounds very intriguing! But I’m not sure I have those capabilities 😅 frog eggs get fertilised as they exit the female before their jelly coat swells up to protect them, so would be quite difficult I’d say
  17. This may not be the direction you want to go, but couldn't you fertilise eggs in vitro? The earliest pregnancy tests consisted of triggering frogs to lay eggs in isolation with the hormones from the woman's urine. Note I'm not suggesting that literally, but you may be able to identify conditions where that happens. Not sure how the male part would work, but if you can get him to mate at all, putting normal eggs in the same water may suffice.
  18. Yup, hence why I need another yellow my male isn’t so good at securing any of my normal females.
  19. You need to breed these to normals because the offspring will generally have deformities linked to the leucistic gene.
  20. Hey there! I’m on the lookout for yellow golden bell frogs. This is a rare genetic mutation often referred to as leucistic or albino. The frogs appear bright yellow. Am wanting more of these guys to try and get more out in NZ by breeding. I currently have a yellow male who is rather unwilling to secure a female. So any others out there would be amazing!
  21. I have a albino rainbow shark needing a new home pick up Wellington johnsonville
  22. Hello! I’ve got one last lonely occupant of my tank who needs to be rehomed, tank must be shut down. Tank has been run at about 23-24c. She’s an older bristlenose, fairly small, standard variety (dark with spots) probably just under 15 years. Healthy and eats well. I just really need this aquarium out of my way as we are now out of town on a semi regular basis. I could dispatch it but I think that would be an awful thing to do! Taker can also have the anubias (a small variety but I can’t verify the type). Leaves a little unhealthy since my last bulb change, but good healthy roots and rhizomes and will easily sprout fresh growth and divide up nicely. 6 large pieces but will cut up into more. I also have a good bunch of very small Java fern pieces which will be great to get established on some driftwood or whatnot! Any food I have left can go as well. I have some old micro-pellets, some vege wafers and an old but unopened pack of spirulina flakes. Might be a few plecotabs left but I’m running out which is why I’m looking to rehome as this what it normally gets fed. Please get in touch if you’re interested! Pickup cashmere hill area. Thanks! jennifer
  23. I'm looking for pest snails as a additional food source for my clown loaches. Keen to pick up from around central Auckland. Thanks!
  24. Hi all, Wow, I'd totally forgotten about this thread! The answer is it did and it didn't. The tank did, of course, cycle eventually, but continued to be a _disaster_ with random die-offs and algae, until I figured out it was silicates leaching out of the substrate (so probably not the cycling, to be fair). Moved everything over to a new, larger tank with more inert gravel, only to have it split a seam. The poor fish are now in their -third- tank, which is actually going pretty well, to be fair.
  25. I've not been keeping fish for too long (5 years) compared to some other forum members on here, but I've never actually used any form of deliberate cycling until my most recent tank. My personal experience is that fish can be placed straight in dechlorinated water and start dosing stability. Do water changes twice a week (once a week is probably sufficient tbh). I am aware of the dangers of nitrite and ammonia so I do test my water before every water change in the first month. There was never an instance of any detectable nitrite or ammonia. Now with my most recent tank, I tried doing a fishless cycle with ammonia and bacteria culture. I started with 2ppm ammonia and after two weeks of waiting the ammonia dropped slightly to about 1.5ppm. After that, there was no more reduction in ammonia concentration for another two weeks. I gave up at this point. The next day I drained the tank completely and placed fish straight in with new water. I'm not sure how much longer the cycle would have taken, but I'm certain that the fish food method would take much longer than starting with pure ammonia. My honest opinion is your fish will be completely fine with no deliberate cycling. The tank will cycle itself in time with the fish. I've done it with supposedly sensitive fish like a German blue rams, cardinal tetras, and otocinclus. No deaths in the first month from any fish. All otocinclus are still alive (3+ years old), and I've moved them into every new tank I've set up to eat algae. None of the new tanks have been deliberately cycled. 1 Ram dead at 2 years so probably old age. I can't remember clearly but I think 2 cardinal tetras died within half a year. Unlikely to be due to cycling issues at 6 months in. I understand the science behind cycling so I'm sure it works and is a good mechanism to prevent ammonia from harming fish. So the purpose of my post here is not to discourage you from cycling, but just to share my personal experience and to let you know that my fish are very healthy despite me never having cycled a single tank before 😁
  26. I have a aquaone 90lt aquarium for sale $180 ono no filter used
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