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  2. Hi, there is usually not enough nutrients in the system until is fully cycled and become a stable living environment, then you can add a piece of rock with copepods to the system.
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  4. wish i could, maybe a photo will encourage people
  5. Hi there - thanks for stopping by! This is my first marine tank and I need help. I'm currently mid cycle with my nitrites on the way down and lights still off, so I would like to get some copepods and microcrustacians started. The purpose of this is to preemptively help battle the upcoming "ugly" phase, as BRS suggests. I could buy a small zoa colony or something (as suggested by my LFS), but I want to turn lights on very slowly, so this won't do. I could also buy some live rock but I feel like it would introduce more trouble than good. I could "cook" it in the dark for a while but I can't find any live rock for sale. I would happily cultivate these critters separately but I can't find a way to start them - what do you experienced reefers suggest? I want to start my lights slowly and get the pods in first without introducing extra complications TIA
  6. As far as I know it doesn't matter as they are found all over the place.
  7. and you don't think it matters where i catch them?
  8. Looking to rehome an adult albino rainbow shark. His name is Fanta! He's relatively shy, and will need a 200L + tank with no other bottom feeders. He loves to hide, and will do best with large, peaceful tank mates. He has been with me for ~6 months. He's been living in a 240L tank. I'm happy to throw in the food I feed him, along with his log ornament! (it's his favourite place to hang out). I am rehoming due to being unable to maintain all of my tanks. I'm very sad about it, so I would love to get updates of how he goes too
  9. The shrimp will be fine and can take 5 - 26C. Not sure if you will be able to open this link...
  10. i did look at many clear plastic paint pales and drink dispensers but sadly i have to realistic as to what i'll be able to get and for what price im going for more mitigation and containment will be a fun learning experiment as long as i can avoid any major disasters would it be ok if i found some of the local glass shrimp to add to the tank? they would just be such a wonderful addition, and might be ok at 22 if i get them far enough north...
  11. Catching and letting go back where you caught it should be fine. No problem taking fish between islands. I transported fish in large 30L(I think) barrels with leakproof lids but they are dark blue so not see-through. I got them from a paint shop. They were used to bring paint powder into the country so maybe they are now using clear ones? You can lie them on their sides and they don't leak. I have never had any success with cling wrap for stopping leakage.
  12. that fish ain't well! i'd at least put it in a hospital tank for the safety of the other fish
  13. O my gods! i just hope this was a 5 min art piece.
  14. tell me about it, i'm thinking 20 different ways but its got to also be viewable, at the moment i think a 40l storage bin with cling wrap over the top compressen strapped together and then strapped down to something... i gotta find whats best for the fish... and van... if i could find something 40l clear plastic with screw top i'll take that. tell me about this riser pipe please, do you have any photos of your setup?
  15. haha i never did try googleing that, that one does look cool, but probably just stocked when the car is booked, still shows the concept could work... i am also planing todo the catch and let go , there is no legalities with doing that? but it's a bit limited in scope and doesn't teach by doing just seeing, with guppies they might breed 2x on the trip you'd see no problem with me taking tropical fish between the big islands?
  16. I can't see any sign of redness around the gills or rapid breathing, indicating parasites or other nasties or I would wonder if something was infecting the barbs you added 2 weeks ago. I am assuming you did not quarantine them first. Water temperature OK? Sorry I can't offer any other advice.
  17. Hey yeah it is, that’s why I’m a bit worried. The barb had a bent spine and was laying on the same side and couldn’t right himself. This one seems to be able to swim and move around, and alternates between sides and being upside down.
  18. Is this the same tank your other sick fish was in?
  19. Kia ora, Woke up this morning and my X-Ray Tetra has issues swimming and is spinning around as can be seen in the below video: Checked the water and nothing out of the ordinary: 0 Ammonia, 20ppm Nitrate, 0 Nitrite, 7.4 pH. We've had these X-Rays for about 14 months so they're not new. Only recent change to the tank has been adding 3 baby Gold Barbs from Hollywood Fish Farm about 2 weeks ago. I have Melafix on hand but I've never used it before and unsure if this is the right treatment. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. The hardest part is keeping the water in the tank while travelling, i have used clip down lid eskys before with a battery operated pump powering an airstone and a riser pipe to allow airflow back out opf the container, that and screw top buckets has been the most successful.
  21. I Googled car aquarium and got lots of interesting ideas but not quite what you had in mind 🙂 The Chinese have produced a car with an aquarium built into a seat rest console. I'm sure there is a way to build your idea but, if the idea is to introduce your daughter to nature, I would be inclined to catch stuff to put in a holding tank, wherever you stopped. Find out all you can about what you have found in that location, then let it all go again before you move on.
  22. Latia neritoides Ease of care: unknown Conservation status: Least Concern the worlds only bio-luminescent and phosphorescent limpet
  23. Hello all, I wonder if any of you have ever thought about having a tank in an RV? I'll be traveling across New Zealand for 6 months with my daughter in a RV following Te Araroa soon and I was thinking about taking this opportunity to teach her about the hobby and the magic life in general, it's probably crazy idea but here is what I'm thinking. Gear If I am able to get it I plan to use a 40L+ storage bin as a "tank", with a hygger single head sponge filters USB air-pump USB water pump and a diy heater. This will all be strapped down with compression straps some where in the middle of the car. Livestock Some nano fish like guppies or white clouds, a cory gang/kuli loach, the local mud snail or some other snail and hopefully the endemic freshwater glass shrimp to complete it. Plants I would like to use native aquatic plants and mosses though i'm unsure if i can take take them from the wild? Either way I plan to use loose river gravel for the bottom so it can roll around a bit with Java Moss and Anubias attached to an ornament glued to the bottom with some Lucky Bamboo or Pothos and floating plants for good measure and might even try to put some soil in a mesh bag to see if it will grow something. Thanks for reading looking forward to hearing your thoughts. p.s. I'd love to get livestock and plants from local hobbyist should any one be on my route and have something extra or want to show us round there fish room please contact me
  24. I believe it is very good for biological filtration as it removes nitrates so helps reduce algae. It is grown above water with only the roots submerged. The roots should grow very well and provide good cover for fry. Some put them in hanging baskets on the top edge of the aquarium, no good if you have a lid that totally covers it, or put it in a hang on the back filter.
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