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  2. The trouble is your definition of cold. Sure they can survive in cooler water but prefer it warmer. A "coldwater" tank in a modern, insulated house will be a lot warmer than a "coldwater" tank in an uninsulated house, or outdoors.
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  4. Can survive in non heated tanks also, had one thrive and survive in my tank which is yet to be drained, heater is off, kept escaping net, still been feeding it though, has been 3 weeks now.
  5. Oh, that sounds lovely! Honestly, my favorite part about online references is being able to search for things in a page. My skim reading is guaranteed to miss the useful parts every time...
  6. Caryl

    Hello everyone

    Sounds like NZ except we wait longer for new fish but generally our internet is good in most places. My husband and I visited Perth about 4 years ago and were taken down the coast staying in different places along the way. Loved the ANZAC Centre in Albany in particular. Many years ago I belonged to a UK based fish site (site no longer exists) and when we visited the UK they arranged a meeting for site members at a fish shop centrally located for many of the UK members. It was great putting faces to names we had only interacted with in a forum. About 20 people took the time to travel there to meet with us. Later on our journey we also got to meet Dick Mills, who wrote many fish books (most of my reference books at the time were by him) and Peter Cottle who specialised in danios. This was back when the internet was in its infancy and we still used books as our main references. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Looking for ocellaris variations, black ice, snowflake, frostbite etc. ideally looking for 2-3 depending on whether theyโ€™re already bonded or size. Cheers
  8. Thank you livingart, that's perfect. M. marinum didn't seem to be mentioned in the study, so might need to poke around a bit to figure out what concentrations needed to kill it, but some of the stronger cleaning vinegars should work for any strain. Thank you as well Caryl, that's a great idea. They should be able to take it, but hopefully even if they can't they'll be able to give me some advice.
  9. Oh, in the more southern part of Western Australia. Everyone knows everyone here, so try to be a bit vague for privacy. It basically just means we get new fish species about 10 years after they become popular everywhere else, once the serious fish breeders manage to import them and start a captive breeding population. And that there is bad internet connection...
  10. I use salt to sterilise tanks. Not sure if it is good enough for what you need to do though. Our local Recycling Centre has a hazardous waste disposal area where you can take old paint etc so if you have one of those, I would contact them to see if they will take your substrate and plants. Well done for protecting the environment! I wish more would think before disposing of unwanted stuff.
  11. I agree with the other two ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Caryl

    Hello everyone

    Whereabouts in Aussie are you? After all, it is a little bit bigger than NZ ๐Ÿ˜‰
  13. Yip, exactly as Ryan said. I have done this multiple times over the years with no issues. The plastic bins from Mitre 10 work great. Have had fish in them for days with no problems.
  14. I would just do the install and removal at the same time. It doesn't look like there are a huge amount of fish there. So they would be ok in a plastic bin with heater and filter running.
  15. Vinegar may help your situation https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140225101501.htm#:~:text=Summary%3A,international team of researchers reports.
  16. Hi members, I've been approved by the wife to have a new 600l tank! I currently have a 400l with bosemani rainbows, cichlids, loaches, an eel and a bristlenose. I don't want to re-home my fish, just have someone care for them while I get their new tank set up. The location of the 400 is where my new 600 is going to be. I need to shut down my 400 and set up the new tank when it arrives. My problem is I need to "board" my fish babies somewhere. I have no where to put the 400 while I set up the 600 and I need the filter from the old tank for the new one. Any help would be massively appreciated! Michelle
  17. Have been keeping fish for just a few years, and this has been a bit overwhelming for my first disease outbreak. Still don't know what caused it, no new fish had been introduced and there was no nitrogen buildup. One of my fish must've been incubating it for some time. Their were no signs of illness or lethargy, no ulcers, so we were checking for heater malfunctions, pH fluctuations, pretty much everything else. It was only when one of the larger fish got a crooked spine we worked it out, diagnosis was confirmed by professional biopsy. There's only really cleanup left to do now. Have a fish-less display and hospital tank full of Mycobacterium water. Does anyone know best way to sterilize the tank, and safely dispose of substrate and plants? It's going to be important not to release it into the environment, there is a nearby frog breeding area and would like to protect it from introduced infections.
  18. Hi Caryl, thank you Odessa barbs are so cute, would love some if had a longer tank. It's really nice you still get to visit your pond fish as well, and you know they have a good home.
  19. Caryl

    My Pond

    The pond is no more, neither are many of the shrubs that surrounded the pond. They had never been pruned and had become straggly and leggy. The Chinese silk tree, the first thing we planted when we built the house 43 years ago, had to go as it was shading the solar panels. The landscaper is readying the ground to re-seed the lawn. The pond is now a paved BBQ area. The concrete slab at the far end will have a large garden shed on it. Dirt between pavers and concrete slab will be grass with 2 flowering cherries planted. Grant can now get off the front verandah and circumnavigate the house! Hopefully they start on the back door ramp this weekend. The blobs on the stock trough water surface are pollen ๐Ÿ˜ž
  20. Caryl

    Hello everyone

    Hi Sea Gull and welcome. It is when you lose a whole tank of inhabitants that you wonder why you enjoy the hobby then your other fish spawn and all is well again ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband and I are in the middle of making the house and yard wheelchair and walker friendly so have filled in our 9m x 3m (approx) pond to make way for an access ramp. We have 12 fish in a stock trough (saved from the pond) and they will be finding a new home next door so we will be able to visit them. We were having difficulty doing pond maintenance anyway but we had 16 years of enjoyment with it. That will leave us with just a 4ft tropical in the lounge (down from 18 aquariums at the height of the hobby). I am waiting for the seals to give way as it has been in situ for over 20 years now and they say you should replace aquarium seals every 10 years. Every time we have a decent quake I wonder if this is the one that creates a flood through the lounge, dining and kitchen area. Our 4ft only has Odessa barbs and gold and brown Ancistrus aka bristlenoses.
  21. I am looking to contact Pete Williams who owns Port Nicholson Glass in Petone, Wellington, but unfortunately I am having no luck reaching him by phone. Might anyone have an email address for him?
  22. Hello from Australia! Looking forward to meeting some people who do not give me funny looks for knowing the pH of my tap water! My disabilities can make it hard to write "normal" sentences, or skip smaller words. Please excuse the grammar mistakes, but if you need anything reworded for clarity feel free to ask, it's no problem at all. It's been a hard few months fish-wise, have lost an entire tank after a disease outbreak. But my pygmy cories in the other tank have all decided to spawn, and it seems like a good time to try start talking about the more fun parts of fish keeping again!
  23. Yup that one is the one.. I still put root tabs in it and cap it with sand or stones
  24. @maxxi1 just wanting to confirm, is it this one here? https://www.kings.co.nz/daltons-aquatic-mix-15l-984245
  25. Dalton aquatic soil and cap it with something.. I have heard of people using other soils but as mentioned above it cannot have any fertilizer and it will create higher nitrates so you will need to take that into account
  26. Hey, looking to start my own black worm culture to add them into my tanks feed rotation but having trouble finding a starter colony. Any advice or anyone willing to sell me some would be appreciated
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