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  2. As per the title, I have four male Apistogramma Trifasciata for sale. Selling as am moving to Canterbury for University in a few weeks. $25 per fish, and includes as much dwarf hairgrass and dwarf sag as you like. They are all around 2-3cm and about a year old. Pick up is preferred. I am in the Pakuranga area of Auckland. https://www.seriouslyfish.com/species/apistogramma-trifasciata/ Easily the strangest type in the apistogramma family, with strict hierarchies for both genders, and non-bond forming. The alpha male has extended dorsal spines, a yellow head and a blue sheen to his body. Females and beta males are typically grey and smaller than alpha males. Females will fight each other for territory and spawning locations, when in condition will turn a bright yellow. I've had the opportunity to spawn these, and they are the most rewarding fish I have kept. I am happy to negotiate terms of loaning a female until further notice if you are interested.
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  4. Hi all, I'm very new to the hobby (under 6 months). I have purchased a Clown Loach from a local shop after it was suggested to remove snails from my tank. After I got it into the tank and started to do some care research I can see that its not suitable for my 70lt tank. I would like to rehome it to a suitable tank. Please email me if you are interested. I am located in Silverstream in the Hutt Valley, Wellington. r.j.schweikert@gmail.com Cheers Robert
  5. Hi, help needed please. I'm setting up a bigg tank (170litre) I will be putting a 2 Angle fish, 1 starlight pelco, a 3 little noens. The tank with have a large driftwood piece and a few plants. But my question is that what, fish would be a good addition ( and that are great colours) as the tank is in the main living room and everyone will see it. So I'm wanting it fun to look at. Thanks for any help😉
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  7. Can you be more specific as to what these plecos are? There are a lot of different species out there commonly referred to as plecos. As I think your aquarium is only 70L, it is not suitable for plecos which grow up to 50cm. If you are meaning the bristlenose (Ancistrus) they are a lot smaller. They will survive in cooler water but not necessarily thrive. They may have problems in winter if you have a cold house.
  8. It is good the tank water doesn't look dirty but you can have crystal clear water but still have too many nutrients or some other problem with it. The pH is not as important as the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. A betta will live 2 - 5 years generally and it will be 3 - 12 months at least when you buy it but if you chose the biggest, nicest looking one in the shop tank, it was probably also the oldest so could even be older. Good luck with this betta.
  9. You could acclimatise them slowly in a bucket until close to tank temperature or float them in a big bag
  10. The tank is well established as originally had tadpoles in it. Once they left 1/4 of the water was kept as I'd lowered it as they turned into frogs and were released. I just have water snails, plecos and one neon tetra remaining now. I put a sponge bit over the end of filter now. I got a new betta fish and doing ok so far. The tank is so clean that with 10% water changes the tank is not looking dirty at all ever. I did do a ph test at the shop...dont kno much about tests...it was within the right range... sorry I cant remember what number...keep thinking was it 7? The line was probably the 2nd darkest color on the chart the guy had at the shop.
  11. I'm adding a few more plecos to my tank. These ones are babies from someone's pond. My tank is tropical. My understanding is they prefer the tropical water but will they acclimatize ok to the sudden change?
  12. I have a clown loach that was suggested to clean the tank of snails. The tank is 70 litres and too small for the fish and I would like it to have an ok life. Pick up in the Hutt area in Wellington.
  13. Can anyone advise on what I might be dealing with here? German Blue Ram - Bulging right eye and white around it. Left eye looks normal. He also has a white mark on his right flank, was slightly raised/lumpy but appears to be healing after a week or so (still the same size but is flat, no longer lumpy). Also small white spots on right pectoral fin. These spots have shown up previously (weeks ago), exact same place, and were treated successfully with Melafix at the time. Had put this down to a scrape/injury as he can be very skittish though now they’re back along with added issues above something more serious may be going on? Treating tank with Melafix and Pimafix currently. Tank size: 120L / 30g tall, planted, driftwood rocks etc Tank mates: 5x Harlequin Rasboras, 5x Glowlight Tetras, 3x Otocinclus (soon to be 2 though, one looks like he’s on his way out but due to ignoring algae/food not showing any of the symptoms of the GBR) Parameters: PH 7, Ammo 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 5 Inherited established tank about 6 months ago, was running for about 12 months prior with previous owner. GBR introduced around 4 months ago (there was a second, female, which this remaining male sadly bullied to death) Have also lost other Otocinclus over time in this tank, though parameters have appeared stable/safe throughout (weekly testing and weekly water change around 25%). Keen first and foremost to make sure I’m doing everything I can for the GBR but any advice on keeping Oto’s alive for the long haul appreciated also! Thank you PS: How do you attach video to posts here?
  14. Marou, that list was 2008 so not up to date.
  15. Good afternoon, we are in Lower Hutt and would love to take them from you. We have 23 tanks going and growing. They will be loved in our community tank with 5 Khuli loaches thank you Neville
  16. Due to unforeseen circumstances I sadly have to shut down my tank and have 7 friendly and active Kuhli loaches free to a SUITABLE HOME (photos or information of your tank would be welcomed as they are loved pets and deserve the best) Approx 2 and a half years old raised from small and are now all varying sizes You'll constantly see them throughout your tank and climbing your plants at all times of the day which is rare for these species
  17. Due to unforeseen circumstances and a almost 1 year old taking over my house am needing to sadly shut down my tank. Currently housing 7 Kuhli loaches of varying sizes all 2 and a half years old. Much loved and very energetic fish- you will see them everywhere throughout the tank all through the day. Free to a suitable environment so pictures of your set up will be helpful. Can contact via here or facebook thanks
  18. Hi, wanting to get some daphnia for a starter culture, preferably from someone in the Kapiti area but would be okay with most places in the wellington region. Looking to pay $15 or less (because I can buy online for $28 and wouldn't have to pick it up)
  19. They are not the best tank mates for juvenile guppies as they tend to be stroppy (like quite a few tetras). Try adding a thick wad of Java moss or similar. Fine particles of food will get trapped in it. The fry will be able to swim through it and eat the particles but the larger tetras will not.
  20. A betta likes little current. Just because the fish was found stuck to the filter doesn't mean the filter killed it. Whatever the reason it died, it would eventually end up sucked against the pipe if you had not noticed it earlier. You can put a piece of sponge on the end of it if you like. You can buy sponges that fit over filter pipes anyway as people who breed fish often use sponge filters so the replacement sponges, which you can shove onto the end of various filters, are readily available in pet shops. How long have you had the tank set up and how many fish do you have in it? If not cycled, the fish would have died from poor water conditions. Bettas are not a good addition to a new tank as they prefer a mature set-up.
  21. What you've done looks really great, but I totally agree with Caryl about hiding the all equipment. The only other suggestion I'd make would be to consider some sort of background, as it's a bit distracting to see right through to the wall behind, and you really want the focus to be just on the tank. What fish are you planning to put in?
  22. Hi I currently have a 160L tank all water parameters are good apart from nitrate at 60ppm I’m going to get this down by doing a few more water changes over the next few days. So I had 14 Colombian tetras and over the last few months I’m down to 9 as every now and then one will die of bloat now I’ve done research and I’m aware that this type of tetra is very prone to bloat so I’ve been feeding my fish every other day however I have juvenile guppies that just won’t seem to grow any bigger and Im pretty much 100% sure this is because they’re not being fed enough so my question is how do I feed my guppies without the tetras getting a share they’re far to fast for me to net every feeding time and I feel like that would be far too stressful for them anyway.
  23. need to move the big guy on, currently lives in a 400 litre tank with redspot severums , jack Dempsey's and a few other, looking at $80 for him, must go into a big tank current size around 40 cm really healthy and a good looking pleco , best to contact me on 0276400570 cheers
  24. Hi. I have a tropical tank. I firstly put pleco in it which are doing well. I then got some neon tetras and a betta fish. The tank is the aqua one eco style 61. The filter seems to have killed my betta, he was stuck to it dead. Is there a different attachment i can get for these filters or should i install a different filter? We really want a betta as the main feature fish so seeing their long fins as an ongoing issue Thanks for your help
  25. I need to re-home 2 green tiger barbs.l asap. No matter how hard I try I can't keep them alive and it absolutely sucks. The two remaining seem healthy and are very active, still have a lot of growing to do. Would like the small long fin pleco to go with them as it'll be only guy left in tank so may as well just shut it down Pretty devasted as they've been a dream fish for so long. Hopefully a better keeper than I can give them a longer life. pick up Newlands Wellington. (Also on trade me)
  26. Looking good. I would try and hide the equipment more if possible though. Can you fit the heaterstat down behind the rock? Could the 4 items stuck on the front be moved to the sides? Once the plants start to grow (assuming they are all live plants) it will look great, especially the log.
  27. Hello, Looking to improve my first aquascape. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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