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  2. Long story short my tiger oscar (Shere Khan) needs a new home. About 30 cm long about just under 4 years old. Currently in upper hutt in a friends tank after mine cracked.
  3. Yes also on Facebook one called turtle and tortoise adoption and rehoming they say they in nz they scammed me out of $200 I paid as a deposit for a tortoise
  4. Hi, unsure exactly how many (Think 12) or sex but have some baby Kribs available - pick up Island Bay Wellington. Koha welcome - would just like them to find new forever homes! Please contact me on 0212246923 if you would like to come around and pick up one or 12..
  5. Unfortunately most people are more interested in facebook and youtube these days and most people who know anything about breeding fish, turtles, newts or reptiles area bit sick of the BS on those sights.
  6. I am so out of touch with the fish scene these days I have no idea who is breeding what, or if anyone is breeding anything! Go to the tabs at the top of the page and look under LOCAL NZ Clubs for the contacts of Auckland clubs and go from there. You could also advertise the fry here once they are big enough. I prefer a tank of one type as their behaviour, when shoaling en masse, is totally different to what you seee if you only have 6 - 12 fish. I remember one member's tank (between 6 - 8 ft from memory) with several hundred neons. It certainly caught your eye! Cardinals are better, and live longer, but neons are cheaper - hence the preference by many for neons. I think you'll find an excellent article about breeding cardinls under Fish then Articles at the top of the page. The problem with raising fry is you have to get rid of them or become over-run. One way to try and break dominance is to remove the fish and rearrange the tank, putting the dominant fish back last. Today has been odd with sunshine, short showers, then sunshine again. We've been having glorious days with warm nor-westers then southerlies!
  7. Hi have you found a home I'd love yo offer one for all one them and can pick up on weekend ta please text me on 021 531 086 ta
  8. Morning Caryl, Another stunning day in lock down. I still have about 30 fry. As they grow easier to spot but they move much faster, hard to count. They are getting big now, Daphnia definitely helped. So much in the pond the excess I have started to freeze. I use and ice tray and get loads of little cubes. Have tested the frozen stuff and they still eat it. I have 5 adult Silvertip Tetras which spawned again the other day. I experimented to see if I could switch them on. I add an extra filter that give some flow to the tank It worked. Felt a little guilty because the females get a hell of a work out being chased. Eggs flying everywhere was good to see. But I am thinking I want something different in the tank. Love the look of the Cardinals but everyone only has neons. First I think I would need to move on the Silvertips, I have the feeling they are just a little too dominant in the tank. My Black Neons have spawned too but only when the Silvertips were in the other tank. So my questions to you? Do you know anyone with Cardinals? And what do I do with these Silvertips? Some contacts in Auckland would be nice. Hope you have a great day. Richard
  9. Hi, I'm looking some clown killifish. I'm looking to try out breeding, so I'm looking for at least a pair, preferably more. located on the kapiti coast in wellington and willing to get them shipped and travel
  10. Fish to rehome for free. Pick up New Lynn. 1x clown loach 1x dwarf chain loach 1x flying fox tetra 3x rummynose tetra 3x dwarf gourami 1x male blue diamond angel fish
  11. All tetras are schooling fish so are happiest in large numbers. They are happy to join other schools of fish - safety in numbers. When narrow fish get skinny if oten makes their eyes look bulgy. The females will carry eggs in varying numbers most of the time so if you have one spectacular looking male (who may have harassed the other males, you don't say what sex ratio you have) they will be getting their eggs ready in anticipation.
  12. Good to hear the fry are doing well. These forums used to be a hive of activity but Google, FB and YouTube pretty much killed it with people preferring instant answers. Speaking of YouTube, here is a link to a Betta (not a goldfish as it says) to jump through a hoop so there's hope for you. Not sure about the flames bit though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEAqBNIa2mA I cut cucumber into 1cm slices and thread them all onto a plastic knitting needle, weighted down with a sinker. The Ancistrus clean the whole lot up, except the outer skins which are easy to lift out.
  13. Hello Caryl, my fry are still going strong. I have figured out how to strain the larger Daphnia so I just get small ones. I feed once in the morning and that keeps them going nicely. I spend way too much time counting! Just over 20 I reckon. They are looking like little fish now with tails growing out. So cool. Just a little proud of myself since I only bought the Aquariums a couple of months ago. Would like to thank Youtube! You can binge watch just about anything and learn more than just the basics. A few months ago I also bought a recurve bow and tried out archery, binge watched youtube and in one month I won a little competition at a club! Have been feeding my Silvertip Tetras with a little eye dropper on the surface. They get so excited I have them jumping. Gave me a thought, do you think I could get them to jump through a hoop? The flames might be a bit much but we could progress slowly right. So I need to design a little hoop with a suction cup. Obviously way too much time on my hands! Maybe we could start a new Forum " Tetras Taught to leap through hoop in lockdown". I would love to chat with a few other Fish keepers? say hello please! (no offense Caryl!) Considering a Bolivian Ram? I am also passing on a couple of Bristle nose plecos to a friend. Didn't realize how much mess four fish eating loads of cucumber can make. Wouldn't mind a few Lemon Tetras or Neons. Will have Silvertips to trade, Could even pass on a successful breeding pair? Hope everyone is well. Richard
  14. Hi, I have a 57l tank (fluval flex) with two neon tetras, five (now four) Rosie barbs (3 male, 2 female) and two Mystery Snails. I suspect the neons think they are rosy barbs. We got the Rosies about five or six weeks ago. They are our newest addition. Before they arrived, we lost a few neons to "loopiness" (erratic swimming and the inability to stay upright, then they die). But the remaining few cheered up considerably when the Rosy Barbs arrived and seem healthier than ever. One of the male Rosies started looking very skinny and his eyes were bulging. He has since died. Another male rosy is also looking quite pale and thin, but not as bad as the first (yet). The third male rosy looks spectacular. Very rosy. Not skinny at all. The females are suspicious round and I wonder if they are carrying eggs. Is this normal for spawning time or is it stress or a disease of some kind? How can I tell? We don't have a quarantine tank, unfortunately.
  15. Just checking back on this post. Still looking for a canister filter. Smaller the better
  16. You may stay in your own island thank you very much 😁 Can't offer you coffee as we don't drink it so only have instant in the house for guests (the ones who have not turned into coffee snobs). So these fry hatched Sept 8th? If you can keep them alive for 30 days you should be right from then on. It is making sure they get enough food in the first 30 days that is the difficult bit. You can buy infusoria in a tube at fish shops if I remember rightly. Click and collect? Is pet food considered essential? Good luck!
  17. Very funny! Was considering popping down to Blenheim, think I could get a essential pass, I have family in Hamilton and know the airport doesn't mind who travels where. What's your address? I could stop in for a cup of coffee. I am a Jafa though so would need it to be high quality coffee with milk steamed to just the right temperature. Ahhh, come to think of it I might pass, would miss my new Mercedes too much. Oh and I need to keep feeding my little fry! I watched one stalk a tiny Daphnia and pounce. Most of the others are too small, a good sign though right! Favourite pass time is trying to count them. Not easy, getting older and need glasses. Confident there is still 12 or more after my accident. Will keep changing water, thanks for the tip. Infusoria still doesn't look like it is growing. Frustrating. Have a plastic bottle outside . Have been putting cap on and off because it stinks so much. Used some potato peel and a touch of yeast. Think it might be a fail.
  18. You need lots of water changes in the fry tank as the egg yolk will foul the water quickly. Personally, I would stick to your usual water supply but I have no idea what is added to the Auckland water (apart from Covid tracings 😉 ) Fingers crossed!
  19. Beautiful, love it! Plant at the back almost looks like a rock overhanging. Super cool. Barbs are quite popular. I did have a good look at them. Made a mistake last night. With all the plugs on the multiboard I got mixed up and switched the filter on in the fry tank. W I will never know. Still giving them egg yolk and first bites. I have added the smallest sponge filter and turned it down low. Noticed a little Nitrate/Nitrites so have change about 30% of water. I used the Pure Dew water from the supermarket. It says it is ultra distilled, PH neutral, steam distillation, reverse osmosis, less than 1ppm solids. Sounds good. They are all still alive. Thanks for the pictures Richard
  20. Very little on the go these days. We have 1, 4ft tropical which just has Odessa barbs and Ancistrus. These have been self replenishing for years as the tank is also fill of C affinis, Anubias nana and rotala. The Odessa spawn all the time but only a few survive each time so I don't get over-run. Outside I have a 3m x 8m approx pond. I'm pretty sure the build of it is in these forums somewhere. It now needs re-doing after a few quakes but we can't find anyone to help. We are both too decrepit to manage it ourselves as we each have different health issues. Would love to landscape the whole front yard again but can't find anyone to do that either at the moment! Here are pics taken in May. Plants have grown even more since then!!
  21. Thanks Caryl, so far so good. First bites and hard boiled egg yolk. Can see movement and a couple of little bellies might have something in them. Taking it day by day. Lock down entertainment. I dropped about three tablespoons of Salt into the 70L, Used the Himalayan pink salt from the pantry.. The spots have gone from my Black Neon Tetras, think I had a win there. Took about three days. The Sunset Platys were so heavy, I spotted a fry hiding in the rocks. It moved out and for a second I thought the Tetras might leave it alone. Sadly I was wrong. Gone in a flash. Have counted close to 30 Silvertips now though, happy with that. Curious what you have one the go? Richard
  22. Having never bred them I can't offer any tips at all I'm afraid. I do know getting fry past the first 30 days is the hard part.
  23. HI, Does anyone have any female Betta fish available in Wellington. Many thanks
  24. Finally, after a couple of failed attempts I have at least 15 baby Silvertip Tetras. Super exciting but know I am a long way from real success yet. They spawned Wednesday afternoon, it is now Saturday morning. Had the tank covered up most of the time. Now I need to see them eat I guess. I have a source of daphnia so thinking of straining the large ones to try and find eggs or the tiny babies. I also have Hikari first bites. Oh an I have an infusoria culture that is just not there yet. I have tried a couple of times with out much luck. Anyone in Auckland with a culture? Sure we could do a contactless drop some how. Would appreciate the help. They are so small, wish me luck! Richard
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    Unfortunately in my case they identified the wrong fish---took healthy fish and would not take the infected ones and that is when I gave up on the idea. The fish can feed normally but they lose condition and become pinch gutted and the location of the back stakes if it was a cattle beast becomes concave rather than convex before the lesions show.
  26. alanmin4304


    I would suspect it is piscene tuberculosis. This is caused by a variety of bacteria of the micobacterium group and is zoonotic ---that is, it can be spread to humans. This is the reason for the requirement for people involved in the quarantine of imported fish to wear long gloves. To be sure you would need to get a lab to culture and identify the bacteria. They could also test for antibiotic resistance. I think in quarantine that the fish are destroyed. That is what happened to me when I had it in imported goldfish many moons ago. I am not sure how you can sanitize the tank after this.
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