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  2. Hello everyone, Im looking to buy a female hermans tortoise or a pair (but preferably just a female) Ive built a huge outdoor enclosure (photos to co.e when its light outside) and I've been waiting nearly 5 years to find one (Unfortunately I just found this website) Any help or advice would be very much appreciated Thanks everyone.
  3. hey there, Did you have any luck finding another female Hermans ? I'm currently looking for one (& have been for nearly 5 years) so any help would very much be appreciated thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a female Herman's tortoise. If anyone knows anybody who may be interested in selling a female I'd be very interested to hear from them. We have a huge outdoor garden enclosure all ready and set up for a female so if anyone could help it would be amazing. Thanks so much. We may even be interested in a pair but would prefer to just have a female, The enclosure is perfect for more than one too though.
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  6. I have BBA and treating with the usual chems but want to try a natural approach. Looking at Ramhorns ideally and get MTS free from Animates but they don't touch the algae. PM if you can assist in or around Avondale. Chur.
  7. Hey all, Looking to buy Red Empress cichlids. Located in Auckland. Also keen for others such as Electric Blue haps, Kadango, Peacocks etc. Thanks!
  8. Hi there I am new to this community I am looking to buy a bearded dragon does anyone know of any breeders or ones for sale?
  9. I am on this thread because I had four male guppies. I use the words had... because one is now looking very fat and the other three keep trying to mate with it. I got four males as I was already over run by molly babies (from a different tank...) please tell me the males cant change and get pregnant?
  10. thank you for the reply Donna, yes, i can get those foods up here, ill slowly swap those out in his diet. thats interesting about the rocks, i removed the harder stones, but there is one quite soft and weathered volcanic rock that he scratches his shell on. Ive been led to believe this is normal behavior, i only see it every couple of days, would you recommend removing his scratching rock as well? Unfortunately i have no good photos of his old tank setup, and i have already taken down the basking area to set up a new one. how much above water space would you recommend? ill post photos when finished. Cheers, Hamish
  11. HI Hamish, I kept a turtle for about 10 years (outgrew everything, and ultimately was re-homed to a wildlife park, after he decided that I was his next lunch. I used to feed him on reptile sticks, as a staple, and supplement with the tasty treats as needed - they need the calcium, ( I used to add coral sand to his tank as well), as try to ensure a balanced / interesting diet. They need large (70 or 80%) water changes each week, and the substrate needs to be kept clean as they're messy little so-and-sos, and a nice area to bask - as you've already found. It also does them good to have a circadian rythm set by lighting too - Tim had lighting for a regular 12 hours per day - he was always happy, curious and entertaining for the whole of the time I looked after him. as his shell was healthy, it would happily wash with filter wool, and if he'd spent too long on the bask, I'd clean his shell with a little peroxide, and re-feed the shell with a little food safe oil after, making sure to not let any of these materials in contact with his skin. Well kept, they are wonderful, characterful pets with a very long life
  12. Hi Hamish, Donna here from Turtle Rescue in CHCH. Great to see that you're wanting to look after your wee baby and provide the best care. Cut back and eventually stop with the bloodworms. They're OK as an initial baby food or the occasional feed for a sick turtle, but basically you want to cut them out of the diet altogether as they're just protein and turtle needs much more calcium and variety in the diet. Do you have access to frozen Hot House turtle food? And also the JBL brand of dry fish mix called 'classic' in your area of NZ? They are suitable foods for your turtle and you can include the JBL 'energil' brand once he/she's bigger. As livingart said, the shell is starting to get ready for a shed and looks pretty normal from what I can see. Turtles will stress with changes and also they will often bask when you're not around, so don't worry about that for now :) Can you post a couple of pics of the tank setup so we can see if anything needs a bit of tweaking to help? It's EXCELLENT that you have removed the rock from your tank....the turtle will get tiny scratches in its shell from swimming past the rocks and that can eventually lead to ulcers as the bacteria in the water causes the scratches to start to break down..... Don't force the turtle up on to the platform at all as that will make it more nervous to bask up there. Minimise handling or disturbance of the turtle once you make a change in the tank to allow it to get used to the new environment :)
  13. I purchased him with his siblings but he has grown to around 6-8cms. Currently in a separate tank due to my community tank having smaller fish that he chases so needs to be in a tank with similar sized mates. Sad to see him alone in a much smaller tank but hopeful that someone will pop him in a tank with friends. Hes quite pretty when the light catches his scales, active and loves bubbles.
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  15. hi, im new to keeping reptiles, and my baby red eared slider has developed some small spots on his shell. i had the water tested, and it was fine, although ph was slightly low, and the scutes are just starting to separate on the ridge on his back, so i think hes about to start shedding. The edge scutes of his shell turned a little lighter in colour a few days ago, his shell smells fine and no soft or brittle patches. He gets a diet of turtle sticks and bloodworms, with the occasional shimp pellet, and eats some of the plants in his tank, and the water is kept at 24C. I made a change to his basking area, and he can certainly get out of the water, but i think the change from a rock to a ramp may have discouraged him, this was about a week ago He has a reptile uvb bulb and heat lamp. please help me with my turtle, theres no vets anywhere near me that knows what a turtle is. cheers, Hamish
  16. Hi is there any body that has off cuts of biochemical filter wool or perot wool they don't want Please let me know a price or am happy to pay postage
  17. Is there anyone out there who could take in 3 yoyo loaches? They're a little bit too boisterous for the other fish in my community tank and driving them nuts. I'm unable to ship and I'm located in Wellington.
  18. WTB Celestial Pearl Danios/Galaxy Rasboras. based in Rotorua Close by or postage paid Is anyone still breeding these? I was in 07. Now ready for some more Thanks in advance Dean
  19. Clown knives $70 each albino Oscar about 6inches $50 small tiger Oscar $30 leopard catus pleco $150 Small clown loaches $80 for 5 Small Fire eel $70 also have a 600L tank for sale all setup ready to go. $800 text me on 0224157680 for pictures
  20. Hi team Does anyone have any established tanks that they could donate some filter media/substrate to me to kick start my tank cycling? I can trade for bio balls (filter came with square versions) or noodles if that helps. I'm in Tawa, happy to collect from the city/Nothern suburbs. Cheers!
  21. Our Convict mating pair had babies and our male has become aggressive and hurting the babies and the mother. About 4 inch long, free to a good home. Want to get rid of ASAP. Otaki, Kapiti Coast. New home found.
  22. Could be very expensive getting the wood analysed Maybe find some Gambusia and put them in a tank with the wood to see what happens.
  23. Good luck to you - I guess I was lucky that it just guppies - they have such a quick turn around compared to other fish (sounds cold, but it's true), I think they out-grew the bacteria. Good to have the kanamycin on hand. Oh, I read somewhere that UV light works too and I was using a UV filter as well, perhaps it was the combination of the two.
  24. Hi everyone, I keep a number of fishtanks and have 12 years experience keeping & breeding tropical fish. About two weeks ago, over a 5 day period I lost several plecos, tetras and kuli loaches and a very large old yoyo loach and I suspect poisoning from pet store supplied aquarium wood. All the parameters of the tank were fine and my other tanks are all fine as well so I can only point to the new piece of aquarium wood I had recently added to the tank. The other fish who do not eat or live on/around the wood do not seem to have been as seriously affected but I had three baby angel fish that were unwell and perked up as soon as I moved them to another tank. I am looking for someone who can help me confirm whether or not this particular piece of aquarium wood is toxic - I have never had this happen before but this was a particularly large piece of wood and the staff at the chain store I bought the wood said that it was imported and so fumigated during the import process(!?!) I always soak the wood and boil it if possible but this piece was too large to boil. Additionally most of the fish that have been affected are wood eaters. The others are the smaller members of the tank - and so maybe less robust. I have saved some of the dead fish and they are in the freezer, and obviously have removed the wood from the tank, added carbon and done multiple water changes in an effort to mitigate whatever poison is remaining in the tank. The Australian Rainbow fish today seem fine. I have a handful of more robust plecos still in the tank but will move as many as possible as they don't seem to be recovering as quickly as I would like. I would like to get to the bottom of this as if it is the wood I need to make the fishkeeping community as well as the petstores aware so that other fishkeepers do not have such an upsetting experience. I've talked to someone in the biology department at Victoria too, in case there is someone there that can help with toxicology, or perhaps necropsy. Since removing the wood, doing multiple water changes and adding fresh carbon, the remaining fish have all recovered and are doing fine. Any ideas? Melissa
  25. Thanks so much for reply. I did actually order kanamycin. Unfortunately with covid etc it arrived too late for the ones in hospital. From what I understand it can help depending on the stage the fish is at (internal organ damage etc). But I understand it does not cure, at best suppresses the bacteria. But I have it on hand now - so will be using it first next time - and sadly, I'm sure there will be a next time!
  26. HI, probably too late to help.... but though I'm just new here but been keeping freshwater fish for ~12 years. I had mycobacteria in Guppies - was horrific - and because I was so new I wanted to save them. I eventually found kanamycin . https://www.nationalfishpharm.com/articles/mycobacteriosis.html#:~:text=Kanamycin %2B Vitamin B-6 for,of aquarium water is sufficient. antibiotic from the US and was able to treat them - wasn't really worth it just for Guppies but I couldn't bring myself to euthanise them all. Anyway, it did work. The antiobiotic killed off the bacteria - those fish already displaying symptoms did not recover (though perhaps larger fish would be able to) but no further cases occurred. Best of luck - horrible disease, but it is curable.
  27. I ordered Pearl Danios (Danio Albolineatus) by mistake, thinking they were Celestial Pearl Danios (Danio Margaritatus) and am looking to hopefully swap the Albolineatus for the Margaritatus (CPD). There are other species I may swap with, although it will likely only be a select amount). They look good in certain lighting, but unfortunately aren't what I'm after right now. Shipping can be attempted, but I have never tried it before. (I have all the supplies available, right now though). Otherwise I live in the Auckland region (Can give more detail when needed).
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