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I'm struggling to decide whether I should go freshwater or marine.

I bought a 450L tank 2 months ago as well as a 140L tank, which I've now decided to use as a sump for the 450. I was pretty settled on going with a freshwater setup, but I think I'll enjoy a marine tank more, just scared of the costs I guess. If the reserve bank didn't announce yesterday that I'm probably going to go bankrupt next year, then I most likely would go with the marine option.

Let me hear some arguments for both sides please.

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OK then. You need to look at the basic differences between the two and decide if you have the money and time to devote to a marine (I guess I should not mention a native marine which is easier and cheaper than a tropical marine). If not, go freshwater. Money and time are the main differences between the two. The money part especially will be ongoing.

If neither money, nor time, are problems, then you need to decide which you like the look of the best as there are different pros and cons for either option with too many variables.

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30 minutes ago, livingart said:

Freshwater allows a wider choice of different biotopes and available species

That's surprising. A big reason for wanting to go marine is the wide variety of colors and interesting fish and creepy crawlies you can get for marine.

Thanks Caryl and Livingart,
I understand that cost and time are the 2 big factors, I guess I was looking for someone to say they've gone marine and glad they did or why they're glad they went with fresh water...

Anyway, I've decided to bite the bullet and go with a marine tank :) Gotta wait till I get back from holiday in January, but I've started the shopping spree :)

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I went tropical freshwater as I wanted an easy care aquarium that required little maintenance and would not be a problem when I went on holiday.

As much as I love looking at marine aquariums, they are too much work for me.

Good luck and show us your progress.

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