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Mesonauta sp. (Festivum) cichlid spawned


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Fry are free-swimming now. Their parents are doing a good job of corralling them, which makes it easier for me to feed.  At the moment, they are fed on decapsulated brineshrimp and NLS fry starter.  I might try offering them Repashy/pellet food after 3 weeks.

I might also separate the parents within a week or so, as this is just their second spawning.



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The parents are now separated as I noticed a big reduction in the number of fry since last night.  About a dozen or so are left.

I started offering Repashy cubes which they seemed to have accepted now though initially there was some reluctance (ignored).

Feeding is around 4 times a day; twice each in the morning and evening (with 1 hour interval). When the parents were still there, I had done daily 30% water changes but might do less now, since the tank is relatively large (3ft 230L) for just a dozen fry.

Once grown up a bit, they will be moved to a smaller tank for easier maintenance.

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1 hour ago, hovmoller said:

Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo  :D

Lol below is the full tank shot (90 x 64 x 40 cm).  Find the dozen... :kaffeetrinker_2:

Originally a growout tank for a group of orange head geo juveniles, some lemon tetras and the festivum pair.



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