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Kicking Myself


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So there were these two HUGE Anubias plants on TradeMe.  I am in Auckland, they were in Wellington, and buyer says no shipping, because they are on large pieces of driftwood, and likely to break. I'd be putting them on rocks anyhow. Tropheus don't like wood.  So I ask if the seller is willing to take them off the wood and ship to Auckland.  I'd pay full BIN and of course shipping.  Seller writes back over night: "no worries".  I get the message the next morning, and seller has put a $70 BIN on each.  I am super excited and try to buy them right away. You know, before somebody else snaps them up. It's only 8:30am, and I have just got up.  Turns out another buyer has bought both of them 7min before I got to the auctions!


If one of you folks here has them, congratulations on the purchase, you lucky bastard!



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Yeah, you could say that!  :D

I shouldn't have slept that long!  Turns out I found some Anubias locally from a guy who also sold bolbitis!  Took me years to find bolbitis in the US.  So I am super surprised and happy that I found it so quickly in NZ!  A good day after all.  But then, every day is a good day when you have the beach only 10min away :yees:


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