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Avitrol Wormer Dosage Rates

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Avitrol Plus Liquid (Bird Wormer)
*Active Constituents: 8.48mg/ml Levamisole Hydrochloride, 2mg/ml Praziquantel

Manufacturer: Mavlab
Treats: Stomach Worm, Round Worm, Nematodes such as Capillaria, Eustrongglides, Camallanus, Contracaecum and tapeworms.
Dosage: 1ml per 5L of aquarium water. After 24 hrs siphon the bottom of the tank to remove all the paralized worms. On day 3 or 4 do a 30% water change to help remove the remainder of the med. Repeat in 2 weeks, with a third treatment to follow 2 weeks later.
Note: This can be purchased from most pet supply stores. Not available from aquariums.

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