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Please help I'd Geophagus disease

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One of my young Geophagus is looking sick. Looked fine yesterday but this morning, is not very active, fast breathing and has a white thing on its side. 

As you can probably see in photos I have added some wunder tonic that I had handy. But if anyone can help Id the issue so I can do a more targeted treatment that would be great.

PH 6.8-7

GH and kh 30-40 ppm

Ammonia 0

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 5 ppm

Water conditions have been consistent and  no other fish in the tank have any sign's of sickness.





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Looks like a wound that has become infected.  Could have been caused by another fish or damage from swimming into a hard / sharp object in the tank.

1st thing to do is to put the fish in a hospital tank if you are able.  This will make treating it much easier & keep it away from the possibility of being stressed from other fish.  If you don't have the equipment for a hospital tank (even a plastic storage container, small filter with some media from the main tank works well), then the fish would have to be treated by either the dip method (stressful for fish) or the whole main tank treated (expensive).

It looks like it could be either Columanris which is a bacteria or a fungal infection.  Both require different treatments.  The Wunder Tonic should help if it is a fungus but it doesn't clear up then it is probably Columanris and then the best treatment is Furan 2 which is an antibiotic.  Furan 2 is expensive to treat a whole tank which is why a hospital tank is best. Columanris can also effect the gills which may be why it is breathing fast, but try fungus treatments first.  Adding salt to the water can also help.

Good luck!

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Thanks for all the information and suggestions Shilo.

I was thinking it could be a wound. The young Geo's have been a bit aggressive to each other lately. They have only been in there 6weeks and are still figuring out who's the boss. There is also a L014 in the tank with a mouth shape and size suspiciously similar to the mark on the Geo.     Thanks 

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All good now. The mark on its side completely healed in just over a week. I think the pleco must of found it sleeping on the sand and had a taste. I haven't seen any signs of further pleco attacks so hopefully it didn't like the taste of Geophagus.

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