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Leopard geckos a dieing breed in nz?

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Hi all 

Where have all the leos gone? Has everyone lost interest? Are hatch rates so bad? Is no one breeding? Is there no longer a market? Or are they just being priced out to extinction? (Explained below)

I have two females currently and have been looking for a male for a while... With absolutely no luck... Yes there is one on trade me at the moment but... To be honest $500 and a trip to Bleinheim is not on the cards... Its not the $$$$ its the drive and the ferry... When living in auckland...and being very busy.

Does anyone know anyone either breeding or selling in Auckland or at least the upper half of the nth island..... Happy to pay good money... For male or females... 

i was keen to start breeding again... But after speaking to one particular breeder in auckland the only one i could find (actually he found me) via the he contacted me said he would do me a favour and sell me a proven 7 year old male for $2000, yes thats right... I was probably to enthusiastic and told him i would pay almost anything when i went round to have a look at his leos.... We didnt talk price at the time... It was after visiting him and having a look...he didnt give me the price at the time but only said make me a good offer and he is yours...  i phoned him next day to say i would take one of his males... To be honest not the best looking leos i have ever seen and having three females and two males... Could hardly call him a breeder... Especially considerig he only had two eggs hatch last year and wasnt going to bother trying this year... And the three plastic boxes from the warehouse he kept them in wasnt too encouraging either....

needless to say i didnt spend the $2k

i am told no one is actively breeding males? I can only assume this is to keep the price high as limited numbers and no males out there to breed.... 

I would love to be proved wrong but in 5-10 years will all the leos be gone.....?

a reward to anyone that can lead me to a reputable, knowledgable dealer that ends in a purchase of some fine geckos!

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Hi Guys

I haven't been on here for a while...

I have managed to amalgamate 4 females.... it has taken me a while... No luck getting in touch with any of the recommended guys. A couple I did contact refuse to sell me males... bloody selfish is what I say... One well known who apparently contributes on here, gave the reason for not selling me a male as.. "the more people breeding them the lower the price they can be sold for and that's not great for me"... To me, that's just stupidity, the more available and at a lower price will only encourage people to buy them, and selling in volume at a decent price is better for the long term interest and genetic diversity... Most people can't afford $350 - $450 for a small pet.. then have to throw in the small vivarium and you top $1000... Ridiculous.

HFF in Albany had a baby this year... wanted $400 for it then price dropped to $320 then to $250 think it's gone now... They were doing a package of small vivarium with a heat lamp (wrong on so many levels). I actually asked the guy he said $800 -$1200 would be a good starter package for one gecko... in reality, a heat mat, two bowls, calcium and vitamins, meal worms and drink bowl.. with a couple of hides... and all in a small fish tank is more than enough for one gecko... all doable for less than $200.00 If geckoes were $120-$160 then that is doable for most.

I would love for someone to touch base with me willing to sell me a male and female or just a male and even keep in touch to exchange animals (genetics wise) start some sort of breeding... I am willing to invest...


Right now though I am willing to pay $500 - $600 for a proven male... Or up to a $1000 for a proven breeding pair... 

Anyone looking to get rid of a breeding colony PM me I am willing to spend up to $2500 on animals...

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